Where to watch La Liga in the UK? what channels do you watch? (2023)

Where to watch La Liga in the UK? what channels do you watch? (1)

You knowwhere to watch the league in the uk? and what channels do you watch?The leagueo La Liga Santander is the abbreviated name commonly known as the national soccer championship of Spain. This is also the largest professional competition in the country of bullfighting, with the participation of 20 clubs each season, such asReal Madrid,Atlético mothers, miBarcelona… Follow the details in the article below!

Where to watch La Liga in the UK? what channels do you watch? (2)


LaLiga table: positions and statistics

The leagueIt is the Spanish national league and also the highest level professional league for men's clubs in the Spanish football system. This soccer tournament is administered by the League organization. soccer professionals, including 20 participating teams. Known as one of the most attractive club football tournaments in the world, La Liga attracts an average of 27,000 spectators per game/season, behind the Premier League.

Table of pé La Liga Santander 2022/23

Where to watch La Liga in the UK? what channels do you watch? (3)

LaLiga soccer statistics for the 2022-2023 season (after matchday 7) through matches completed, goals and goals conceded. La Liga statistics for the 2022-2023 season are updated online and calculated immediately after the match ends. The criteria order the LaLiga soccer statistics: local, away, best team and worst team.

statisticalinformation data
Total number of games380
Number of closed games60 (15,79%)
Number of games to play320 (84,21%)
Number of wins (Local)27 (7,11%)
Number of wins (away)24 (6,32%)
number of draws9 (2,37%)
number of goals159 (2.65 goals/game)
Number of goals (Home)81 (2.7 goals/game)
Number of goals (Away)78 (2.6 goals/game)
The best attack teamBarcelona (18 goals)
Best Attack Team (Home)Valencia (9 goals)
Best Attacking Team (Away)Real Madrid, Barcelona (11 goals)
worst strike teamCádiz (1 goal)
Worst attacking team (local)Cádiz (0 goals)
Worst attacking team (out)Elche (0 goals)
The best defensive teamBarcelona (1 goal conceded)
Best Defensive Team (Home)Barcelona (0 goals conceded)
Best Defensive Team (Away)Villarreal, Athletic Bilbao, Barcelona, ​​Atlético Madrid, Osasuna (1 goal)
worst defensive teamElche (16 goals conceded)
Worst defensive team (home)Cádiz (9 goals conceded)
Worst Defensive Team (Away)Elche (10 goals conceded)

How to watch La Liga in the UK?

There are many platforms to watch La Liga in the UK. We will recommend you reputable and quality websites.

LaLiga TV on Amazon Prime Video channels

LaLigaTV is a 24-hour channel with access to live matches and special programs. LaLigaTV is added to the Amazon Prime video channels in the United Kingdom as part of a distribution agreement.

LaLiga TV is available online through Amazon Prime Video. Once you add the channel to your Prime Video package for £7.99 a month, you'll be able to watch live gameplay as well as commentary and interviews.

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Bear in mind that you need to sign up for Prime Video first, which costs £7.99 a month and gives you access to the entire Prime Video collection and free next-day delivery on thousands of products. And if you've never signed up for Prime before, you're eligible for a 30-day free trial.

In addition, it broadcasts selected Premier League soccer matches, international rugby matches from the Autumn Nations Cup, ATP World Tour tennis tournaments, including US Open and NFL matches. With the Eurosport Player plugin, you can watch competitions like the Australian Open.

The availability of LaLigaTV on Amazon Prime is an advantage of this strategy. While it is available for consumers to subscribe to LaLiga TV via Pay TV or the Premier Player app, the deal with Amazon significantly increases the channel's reach and visibility.

Prime Video is a great showcase for the millions of Amazon members who already have a billing connection with the corporation. Anyone with an Amazon account can add LaLigaTV to their subscription for a monthly fee starting this weekend.

Prime Video is accessible on more devices, including game consoles, smart TVs, and the Amazon Fire Stick. Many in the business predicted that Amazon's growing interest in live sports would result in an aggressive pursuit of multiple rights, driving up costs. There were even rumors that he could bid directly for the rights to LaLiga.

Where to watch La Liga in the UK? what channels do you watch? (4)

LaLiga TV through Premier Sports

LaLiga TV can now be accessed online via Premier Sports, which also owns the UK rights to the Scottish Cup, Scottish League Cup, Coppa Italia, some rugby league matches and NASCAR.

Premier was recently acquired by the rapidly expanding streaming service Viaplay in a deal valued at around £30 million. This autumn, Viaplay expects to launch its service in the UK, which will include the rebranding of the Premier Sports platforms. It has just acquired the rights to broadcast online the matches of the men's soccer teams from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, including qualification for the 2026 World Cup and Euro 2028.

When released in the UK, Viaplay plans to offer two streaming packages: Films & Series, which focuses on Viaplay originals and third-party films showcasing "the best of Nordic storytelling", and Total, which also includes its coverage. sporty.

Premier Sports provides more information and packages including La Liga TV for just £7.99 a month.

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ITV expanded its football coverage to include La Liga matches. From the current season to 2024/25, ITV has secured UK broadcast rights to ten games each season featuring either FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Atlético Madrid.

It was agreed this week that ITV would broadcast ten La Liga matches each season on ITV 1, ITV 4 and ITV Hub.

The association will initially run for three seasons, broadcasting ten games per season.

On Sunday, August 21 at 9:00 p.m., Barcelona's first match against Real Sociedad will be broadcast.

Niall Sloane, ITV's head of sports, said of the deal: "This deal guarantees free coverage for all football fans in one of the world's most exciting leagues."

sky sports

Even if they don't currently subscribe to Sky Sports, regular Sky subscribers can add the channel to their plan for a monthly cost.

Sky Sports will continue to provide live coverage of La Liga for the next three seasons, according to a tweet from the station's official account.

LaLigaTV is available on Sky channel 435. Sky stated that fans would have access to over 100 La Liga matches and the Copa del Rey final during the season. This current contract will extend Sky's coverage of La Liga into its twenty-first season. Throughout these two decades, the chain has created a sophisticated product for fans of the Spanish First Division.

Sky will charge members a monthly fee of £5.99. Premier Sports declares that this offer is subject to withdrawal at any time. This offer is not available to Virgin TV subscribers, however Premier Sports reports that Virgin TV subscribers can get LaLigaTV alongside Premier Sports 1 and 2 HD for £9.99 a month.

Where to watch La Liga in the UK? what channels do you watch? (5)

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Where can I stream LaLiga?

If you don't have a premium TV subscription but still want to watch La Liga, you can access La Liga TV through Amazon Prime Video.

Channels are accessible to current Amazon Prime Video members. You can subscribe to Amazon's video streaming service for £5.99 a month, or you can pay £7.99 a month for a full Amazon Prime membership, which includes overnight delivery and access to special offers and deals.

La Liga TV costs an extra £7.99 per month on top of the subscription fee. This is revocable at any time.

Premier Sports also offers streaming packages, with prices to watch La Liga starting at £7.99 per month.

Premier Sports will broadcast the 2022-23 La Liga and Copa del Rey seasons live online.

Premier Sports broadcasts La Liga and the Copa del Rey in the United Kingdom and Ireland. You can also watch Serie A, Eredivisie, NHL, rugby and boxing. Premier Sports offers monthly and yearly subscriptions (GBP10/month and GBP99/year respectively), but if you simply want to watch La Liga football, you can subscribe to the La Liga TV channel through Premier Player for just GBP8/year. month.

Sky Sports offers live broadcasts of La Liga and the Copa del Rey.

Sky Sports will broadcast all La Liga and Copa Del Rey matches in 2022-23. Remember that this service is only available to British and Irish citizens. A UK or Irish credit or debit card is required to apply. If you don't have a UK or Ireland card, you can watch La Liga matches on beIN Sports or ESPN+ (Copa del Rey). If you already have a Sky subscription, Sky Go allows you to view your schedule online.

ITV will broadcast some LaLiga matches for free.

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ITV announced in August 2022 a new three-year contract to show ten La Liga matches each season. Each match will feature either FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Atlético Madrid, but the full schedule has not yet been released.

ITV will broadcast some LaLiga matches for free.

Where to watch La Liga in the UK? what channels do you watch? (6)

Quality streaming to watch La Liga UK

Even if you manage to get past the buffering issue, you may still have to deal with quality. Once you know where to watch La Liga in the UK, you won't get the best quality if the servers are maxed out.

Therefore, you need to find a way to maintain a high Internet speed. There is no alternative to using a premium VPN network like ExpressVPN.

Where can I watch LaLiga sports for free?

Free Sports, another Premier Sports channel available in more than 18 million US homes, broadcasts a weekly La Liga match for free.

The station can be accessed via Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media and most television providers, allowing viewers to experience a regular showing of Spain's top tier.

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The leagueHe is comparable to the king of European football. In an extremely competitive event, clubs like Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, etc. play against each other for the title of champion.

if you are wonderingwhere to watch the league in the uk, this article should help you locate the appropriate channels. continueASC SoccerTo get more sports knowledge and update sports news, especially football, in the fastest way!

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How can I watch La Liga Football in UK? ›

The Spanish La Liga is broadcast live on Viaplay Sports on it's dedicated LaLigaTV channel in the UK and regularly shows spanish rivals Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

What channels are La Liga on? ›

Where to watch La Liga on US TV. As of 2021, ESPN+ has acquired the U.S. rights to Spain's LaLiga through 2028-29 in a comprehensive long-term media deal that positions ESPN+ as the number one dedicated sports streaming service.

Is La Liga on English TV? ›

La Liga TV is an English pay television channel that broadcasts live La Liga football games and content in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Is LaLigaTV free on Amazon Prime? ›

LaLiga TV can be streamed online through Amazon Prime Video. It costs £7.99 per month to add the channel to your Prime Video package, after which you'll be able to watch the games live in addition to full analysis and interviews.

How to watch La Liga in london? ›

LaLigaTV – 24/7 channel offering All of LaLiga, All in one place, including all available matches. Accessible via streaming on Premier Player and Amazon Prime Video Channels from £7.99/month.

Is La Liga only on ESPN+? ›

As of 2021, ESPN+ has become the exclusive home for La Liga broadcasts in the US, so all 380+ games will be available on the channel to watch in English and Spanish. La Liga is also available to stream on a selection of other platforms.

How can I watch LaLiga in Europe? ›

Movistar will be showing nine matches per week (including the biggest game) on its website and via the Movistar mobile app. This service offers various channel packages, but to watch La Liga, you'll have to sign up for The League plan, which costs €22.50 a month.

Does Fox sports have LaLiga? ›

La Liga Scores & Schedule | FOX Sports.

Is LaLiga shown on Sky sports? ›

You can access the channel via Freeview as well as Sky, Virgin Media and most TV providers so you can enjoy a taster of the Spanish top flight on a regular basis. If you're looking for something else to watch check out our TV Guide or visit our Sport hub.

Who has the UK TV rights for La Liga? ›

Premier Sports has had the exclusive UK rights to La Liga since 2019. That agreement was extended this year to run until the end of the 2024-25 season — the same as the ITV deal.

How can I watch La Liga in Europe? ›

Movistar will be showing nine matches per week (including the biggest game) on its website and via the Movistar mobile app. This service offers various channel packages, but to watch La Liga, you'll have to sign up for The League plan, which costs €22.50 a month.

Can I watch football on Amazon Prime UK? ›

Prime members in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, can watch 20 Premier League matches each season on Prime Video for no additional fees.

How can I watch La Liga on ITV? ›

The prestigious Spanish league featuring some of the biggest clubs in world football will be broadcast live and exclusively free to air on ITV, ITV4 and ITV Hub.


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