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NHL Trade Deadline Trade Bait: 4 Weeks Left...

In tonight's episode, we take a closer look at the great NHL trade deadline. We've covered centers and some wingers before, but what contract-length names might also be available? Is there a player like Travis Konecny ​​who would be a good fit for the Jets? Where does Filip Forsberg land? Will Ben Chiarot become the most expensive defender traded?

20 minutes


The Winnipeg Jets split the weekend

In tonight's episode, we recap a weekend of mixed results and high tension in the Winnipeg Jets locker room. How do the Jets blow a 3-0 lead to the Colorado Avalanche? Should the Avs model for Winnipeg's adaptation? Why was Winnipeg's 5-3 win over the Arizona Coyotes a little more modest than the score suggested?

21 min


NHL Trade Deadline Trade Bait: 4 Weeks Left...

In tonight's episode, we continue our NHL trade deadline trade analysis. This time we take a look at the best real skaters on the market. Can Rickard Rakell really improve a team's finish? Is Brock Boeser one of the best rental options out there? Will someone realize Artturi Lehkonen's genius and trade for him?

22 min


De Dallas Stars Down The Jets

On tonight's episode, we take a look at Dave Lowry's comments about whether the Winnipeg Jets are unhappy with Evgeny Svechnikov and Ville Heinola. Are both players treated fairly? Are the Jets a meritocracy? Next, we recap Winnipeg's overtime loss to the Dallas Stars. Were the Jets outdone by the Dallas forecheck?

20 minutes


NHL Trade Deadline Trade Bait: 4 weeks to go

In tonight's episode, we take a look at some of the best trade bait available at the NHL trade deadline. Specifically, we are investigating a handful of centers, young and old, who may be interested in competing teams. However, there are some names that the Winnipeg Jets could be interested in. Could Dylan Strome be a hidden gem for the Jets to dig up?

23 min


Spiloverblik: Winnipeg Jets vs. Calgary Flames

Tonight's episode recaps a mediocre showing from the Winnipeg Jets against the Calgary Flames. What went wrong with another loss? Will Ville Heinola ever return to the lineup? What are the Jets doing to save the playoffs? Is there anyone in the current roster who deserves a bigger role in the deployments?

21 min


Spiloverblik: Winnipeg Jets vs. Edmonton Oilers

In tonight's episode, we recap a painful loss for the Edmonton Oilers. What changed for the Winnipeg Jets after winning 2 games in a row? Can Dave Lowry get the team back on track for Monday's game against Calgary? Does it make sense to chase a playoff spot now?

20 minutes


Winnipeg kills the Seattle Kraken

Tonight's episode recaps a lively and wild game between the Winnipeg Jets and the Seattle Kraken. Was Winnipeg able to settle matters against a Kraken team that has just 16 wins? Why was everyone so physically aggressive tonight? Is Pierre-Luc Dubois the best thing since sliced ​​bread? We also consider some potential young players the Jets could target in trades.

21 min


The Winnipeg Jets own Minnesota

In tonight's episode, we recap a wild and crazy win over the Minnesota Wild. Why do the Winnipeg Jets insist on playing a Jekyll and Hyde routine? Will this version of Mark Scheifele stick around for the rest of the season? What happens to Scheifele when summer comes? How did Cole impress Perfetti again?

21 min


The current and future Winnipeg Jets

On tonight's podcast, we open with some brief thoughts on Winnipeg's game against the Minnesota Wild. Can the Jets string together consistent performances? Next, we take a look at the Winnipeg Jets rookie roster, including Cole Perfetti, Austin Poganski, Kristian Reichel and more. How have the young people coped, and will they have an influence in the coming years?

23 min


Winnipeg Jets lose to Chicago (and themselves)

Tonight's episode recaps a frustrating defeat by the Winnipeg Jets against the Chicago Blackhawks. How good was Ville Heinola next to Nate Schmidt, despite the scoring? Was Cole Perfetti once in over his head? Will Winnipeg ever score a normal regulation goal again?

21 min


Blake Wheeler is a boss

In tonight's episode, we recap the Winnipeg Jets games against the Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators. How did the Jets fare in Nashville after a tough OT loss in Dallas? Which fountain of youth did Blake Wheeler tap to score 5 points? Is Ville Heinola the perfect partner for Neal Pionk?

22 min


The Beijing 2022 Olympics are wild

On tonight's podcast, we discuss the strange partnership between the Arizona Coyotes and Arizona State University. How long will the Yotes share ice time with ASU? Is the league frustrated by this development and how will they respond? We also look at the current status of women's and men's hockey scores for the Olympics. Can the US women's team survive the Czech Republic to push through?

22 min


The Winnipeg Jets shut out Minnesota

In tonight's episode, we dissect the firing of Dominic Ducharme in Montreal. Why did the Canadiens replace him with Marty St. Louis? We also dig into some of the highlights of the Minnesota Wild's Winnipeg Jets shutout. Can the Jets sustain some of this success? We finish with a rundown of some of Footy Scran's latest food entries, from Balti pies to smashed peas and gravy.

22 min


Brad Lambert Winnipeg Jets

On tonight's podcast, we take a detour and look ahead to the 2022 NHL Draft. Who could the Winnipeg Jets take with the (currently) 13th overall pick? Is Brad Lambert worth using a higher mid-round first? What could Simon Nemec bring to a beleaguered blueline unit in Winnipeg? Is Pavel Mintyukov the offensively gifted backend presence the Jets desperately need?

21 min


COVID has hit the Winnipeg Jets

On tonight's episode, we take a look at the current Winnipeg Jets roster situation. Which players are now sidelined by COVID? What do the new lines bring to the team? We also think about what the future of the team might look like. Is it time to think about Winnipeg's upcoming rebuild or should the team try to stay competitive?

22 min


The Olympic Break: Winnipeg Jets Edition

In tonight's episode, we recap the current standings in the opening games of the Olympic Winter Games in women's hockey. We also discuss the controversy surrounding the Chicago Blackhawks and owner Rocky Wirtz's comments over the weekend. Finally, we finish with some thoughts on Tuesday's Winnipeg Jets game against the Minnesota Wild.

21 min


A break in the storm

On tonight's episode, we take a look at the current state of the Winnipeg Jets roster. Who will stay and who will go? Is it time for Mark Scheifele to move on to greener pastures? Will Nate Schmidt stay with the Jets or find a new team in one season?

21 min


The NHL playoffs are coming…

On tonight's episode, we take a step back from the Winnipeg Jets and take a look at the NHL standings as a whole. Is it sleeping on the Tampa Bay Lightning again? Can the Jets dig themselves out of the deep hole they have entrenched the team in? What will Winnipeg do when the trade deadline passes?

22 min


The Winnipeg Jets are sellers

In tonight's episode, we recap a sad Winnipeg Jets loss to the Philadelphia Flyers. How did Winnipeg manage to lose to a team that has had two separate losses in 10 games? Where is the responsibility and leadership of the team? Should Ville Heinola have fallen under the circles on the run that created the Flyers' winning goal?

21 min


Should the Jets trade Connor Hellebuyck?

In tonight's podcast, we take a look at the upcoming game of the Winnipeg Jets against the Philadelphia Flyers. Can the Jets take advantage of a struggling opponent that has had 2 separate 10 game losses? We also discuss the concept of trading Connor Hellebuyck. Is it as crazy as it sounds, or is there more to it than you might think?

21 min


The Winnipeg Jets stop the bleeding

In tonight's recap, we discuss a pretty strong effort from the Winnipeg Jets against the St. Louis Blues. How did the young defensive line-up fare against an aggressive Blues forecheck? Is Eric Comrie ready to get more starts so Hellebuyck can rest? Is Ville Heinola starting to look like the top-4 defenseman he was drafted to be?

21 min


The Winnipeg Jets are in free fall

In tonight's episode, we recap a painful Winnipeg Jets loss to the Vancouver Canucks. Was Cole Perfetti's ELC wasted on a lost season? Can Dave Lowry find a way to get this team back into a playoff position? Is it even worth making the postseason? Where do the Jets go from here?

21 min


Game Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs. Vancouver Canucks

In tonight's episode, we look ahead to the upcoming Winnipeg Jets game against the Vancouver Canucks. Can Ville Heinola return to form after a rocky start against the Florida Panthers? Is Jonathan Kovacevic ready for full-time NHL duty? What will the Jets do in the long run with some of the biggest names on the roster? Should Mark Scheifele Jet stay?

22 min


Winnipeg Jets get swallowed up by Panthers

In tonight's episode, we recap a frustrating Winnipeg Jets loss at the hands of the Florida Panthers. How did Ville Heinola do when he returned to the lineup? Will the Jets ever win another game? How good can Cole Perfetti be by the end of the season?

21 min

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