Neatness, neatness, neatness list (2023)


absolutely necessary = essential water andAbsolutelysignificant.

especially = DELETEAbove all,Fetching water is dangerous.


one degree greater/larger/larger/larger than = more

a significant amount = DELETE OR BE SPECIFIC

a number reduced by = minus

a distance of 28 kilometers = 28 kilometersThe well was [a distance of] 28 kilometers away.

one degree less/less than = less/minus

much = many, much

the majority of = the majority, much of, many

a person who is xxx = a person xxxA dedicated climber will succeed=A dedicated climber will succeed.

a total of seven xxxs = seven xxxs

additional bonus = bonus

Advance Notice/Reservation = Advance Notice/Reservation

Advance notice = notice

Planning ahead = planning

finally it is/was said and done = DELETEAfter all is said and done, The drive to the pit was a disaster.

share equal = shareThey are equally responsible=You share the responsibility

in everything = in everything

all = all

suddenly = suddenlySuddenly, Jack fell and broke the crown = JackSuddenlyfell and broke his crown.

all these = these

All-time record = record

all said = deleteeveryone saidJack and Jill were having a bad day.

almost never = rarely

in the sense of = likeCharacters [with the meaning of] [Focused] Humpty Dumpty was jealous of Jack and Jill.

any and all = all

appears to be on the surface = is OR appears to beit appearson the surfacebe a serious accident.

are/is such that = DELETEJack and Jill areso that they aresentencedperish.

are/got/got = can OR EXCLUDE

Sagittarius = Gunslinger

assemble/join = assemble/join

actual = actual OR EXCLUDE

as means to = toas a meansto theTo fetch the water, Jack and Jill used a bucket.

as a result = because of

as a whole = DELETE

as way from = to

as a = is/was a OR EXCLUDEConsider this an accident=Note that it was an accident.

as it really is = DELETE

immediately = DELETE

as applicable = DELETE

at a later date = later

at the end of = after

always = always OR DELETEIn all Moments,Watch out for uncovered wells.

at first sight = DELETE

asap = logoOR asap

at the present time = currently, now

simultaneously with = while

at this time = now OR DELETEAt the moment,They probably drowned.

Autobiography of your life = autobiography


bald = bald

largely based on = based on

based on the fact that = since / because

Basic need = need

basic basics = basic OR basics

because of = because of

begin to notice = noticeIf the US to consign to pay attention to the pattern. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

be = OFFFor a deep well-being, . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷=Because the well was deep, . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

where = because

best ever = best

without a doubt = DELETE

mix = mix

both these/they/them = both

remembers = remembers/suggeststhis storyremindremembers the pussy-in-the-well incident with little Johnny Flynn.

short moment/summary = moment/summary

but still = but OR still

burning coals = embers

general = DELETE

by definition = DELETEJack's actions are, per Definition, unthinkable.

erratic = DELETE

through = through

for the same reason = DELETE OR similar/same

by using = using

by virtue [of the fact that] = through


come to a realization = accomplished/acknowledged

came to an abrupt end = ended abruptly

careful examination = examination

carefully calculated = calculatedshecarefullycalculated the number of steps going up the hill.

can be seen as = is OR EXCLUDE

sort into groups = sort

clearly articulated = articulatedJack and Jill couldn'tclearState the reasons for its demise.

exam = exam

close [up] = close

one related to each other = one relatedJack and Jill are close relativesto each other.

work together = work together

combine = combinewhen you combinetogetherThirst and clumsiness, you've got Jack and Jill.

understand = understand

common similarities = similarities

comparatively larger/smaller than = larger/smaller than

compare and contrast = compare

complement each other = compete

completely alien = alien

remove/destroy/destroy completely [etc] = remove

fully filled/done = filled/done

completely separated = separated

on topic = about/about

conduct an investigation about = investigateWe willdrive ainvestigateaction onethe disappearance of Jack and Jill.

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connect[ed] together = connect[ed]

continue in future = continue OR DELETE

keep going = keep going

Consensus of opinion = consensus

considered = DELETEthe well wascontemplated todeep.

Main Essence = DELETE

correctional facility = prison

Crisis situation = crisis


data from = data from

Depreciation = depreciation

great pleasure in = valued, valued, etc.

despite the fact that = although

failed = failedJack and Jill were unsuccessful=Jack and Jill failed.

disappear from sight = disappear

doomed = doomed to fail

Due Diligence = DELETE [except when used in a strictly legal sense]

due to effects = because

due to the fact that = because

dull appearance = dull

in the course of = during, during



everyone and everyone = everyone, everyone

each one = DELETE OR all

everyone = everyone

at the beginning of = at the beginning of

every single incident = every incident

economically needy = poor

remove completely = remove

Emergency situation = emergencyThe well accident was an emergency.Lage.

closed here = closed

Bottom line = result

busy = DELETE

enter into = enter OR DELETE

epische Quest = epische OU-QuestThey attended a {n}EposFind a bucket of water.

equal [each other] = same

equally good = equally good OR equal

erode = erode

everyone = everyone, everyone, everyone

exactly identical = identical

exactly the same = equalFor Jack, everyone was a fountainexactlythe same.


fair value = DELETE [i.e. specific]

liquid = liquid

famous celebrity = famous OR celebrity.Jill has becomefamouscelebrity.

few and far between = rare, unusual OR EXCLUDE

few in number = few

full to [full to] capacity = full [full]

Death/Fate/Final Result = End OR DELETE

first priority = priority

primarily = first OR DELETEFirstand beyond,We have to find the cause of the accident.

fly through the air = fly

Foreign imports = imports

for all intents and purposes = DELETE

for what it is = for that

by the way in the = because OR the wayThen get in troubleby the way [Why]they were carefree.

for the purpose of = for, for

foreseeable future = [when exactly?]

free gift = gift

frozen ice = ice

future plans/prospects = plans OR prospects



gain entry into = to enter

collect = collect

general consensus = consensus

generality = public

give a hint on =We must give an indication of our intentions=We must state our intentions.

consider = consider

severe crisis = crisis

get bigger = grow


holding hands = together

has the ability to = can

has/had/tends to = often OR DELETE

was/had/was found = is/was/arejill isproved uphill.

has/had/has ability/capacity to = can/could

has/had/has the effect of = DELETE

has/had/had the opportunity to = can/could

acted on = influenced

hear the sound of = hear theI hear oh like her twelve drummers.

warm up = warm up



I could add this = DELETE

i = i

[in a] clear and concise = [concisely] concise

in a situation where = inIf you [Find] himself in a situation where [You have] cair[Inside] in a well. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

literally = DELETE

in a clear way = clear OR in a clear waySay it in a clear way= Say it clearly.

actually = DELETE

in all likelihood/probability = probable/probableOf all probability,you[probably]did not survive the fall.

further = further

in conjunction with = about

essentially = DELETE

over = more than

given that = becauseGiven that[why] Hills are steep, people fall on them.

after = AVOID

itself = DELETE

in nature = DELETE

to = for

to strengthen your argument = strengthen your argument

actually = DELETEActually, Jack and Jill aren't usually that clumsy.

in relation to = about/about

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case = if

near = about

near = near

in today's society = today

despite = despite

despite the fact that = although

so = in a way

in relation to = DELETE

in range = in OR aroundhappens into the area ofDallas.

in the course of = during, during

case = if

ultimately = finite OR DELETE

in light of = consideration OR EXCLUSION

in most cases = usuallyIn most cases,is to fetch waterusuallysecure.

in the middle of = during, amidst

in the manner of = DELETE

in the near future = available soon OR DELETE

in the not too distant future = soon OR DELETE

near = near

standalone = DELETE

in the present time = current, now, today

in today's society = today

given that = because

where = DELETEHere's the book where you can find it=You will find it in this book.

accidental error = error

inner feelings = feelings

integrate/join = integrate/join

curious = DELETE

interweave[d] together = interweave[d]

to see invisible = invisible

doesn't matter = DELETE

is a reflection of = reflectsyour clumsinessis a reflection of reflectsyour impatience.

can = can EXCLUDE OR

is an important factor in =DELETEFear is an important motivating factor=fear motivates.

is aware of the fact that = knows

is described as = is OR is described as

is effective in its capacity = is effectiveThe bucket is effective in its ability to carry water=The bucket effectively carries water.

is found = is

go = go

it is useful to understand = clarifies

conflicts with = conflicts with/is against

is opposed to = is opposed to

is of significant importance = is important OR is important

is afraid of = feared

is seen as = is

is something that is = ishonesty issomething that isthe best policy.

is aware that = understands

is if = OR EXCLUDE

is where = DELETE

is/was more or less = is/was

seems/seems like = seems OR DELETE

it can be seen that = DELETEYou can see that Faithful Jill.

could happen that = could/might/might

will show that = DELETE

is/was = DELETEThat isthis ability to have accidents at the right paceit ismade her famous.

it is clear/obvious/obvious that = DELETE

it is crucial/important that = must/must EXCLUDES OR

It is interesting/important to note that = DELETE

it is necessary that = must/must OR DELETE

it's only a matter of time before = DELETE OR eventually

it is possible that = DELETE

rarely happens that [X] happens = [X] rarely happens

is used in = is used inMoney isseen beingused in process resolutionORMoney can settle lawsuits.

appears at first sight = initially appears at first sight

it should be noted/advised that = DELETE OR note

it seems [seems] that = DELETE

itself = DELETE



collect/collect = collect/collect

joint cooperation = cooperation

happy celebration = festival


somehow = OFF

kneel down = kneel down


stay behind = stay behind

large [small] in size = large [small]The fountain was big in size.

last but not least = finally

lasting legacy = legacyJack and Jill left acontinuousLegacy for the lullaby business.

later = later

increase = increase

residents = residents

longer/shorter = longer/shorter

look ahead = look ahead. plan OR EXCLUDE


made out = made out, made out

mainly focuses on = focuses on

big breakthrough = breakthrough

make a decision = decide

make a decision = decide

make a guess = assume

make an effort = tried [try]Jack has to make an effort=Jack has to try.

Contact = Contact

make/refer to = refer to

way, on which = way

many different kinds of = many kinds of

many different ways = many ways

gather = meet

mental attitude = attitude

mix = mix

mix = mix


more or less = DELETE [OR be exact]

more preferred = preferred

most likely = likelyJack and Jill leavethe majorityit will likely fall downhill.

mutual agreement = agreement

mutual respect for one another/for one another = mutual respect



nape = nape

he lives in the native = he lives

natural instinct = instinct

required requirement = requirement

no zuvor = no

new invention/innovation = invention/innovation

new record = record [as in SET ANOVOSIGN UP]

new recruit = to recruit

nobody except = onlynobody but[Only]Jack could fall off the hill so easily.

nod your head = nod your headJill asked Jack to nod his headyour head.

none = none

Nostalgia for the past = nostalgia

last but not least = AVOID


of great importance = DELETE OR is important

from from = from OR from

old proverb/habit = habit/proverb

daily = dailyJack and Jilly climbed the hill daily=Jack and Jill walked up the hill every day.

for the fact that = because

on the basis of = because, on the basis of

because of = because

on the occasion = in/preparing foron the occasion prepare fortheir adventure they grabbed rope.

in the situation of = about

about the topic = about OR EXCLUDE

at the level of the surface = on the surface

total = DELETENot all, Jack and Jill were inexperienced climbers.

on top of that = additionally OR EXCLUDE

one of the more = DELETE

one of the most interesting = DELETE

serves only = DELETE

open = open

wiederholt = wiederholt

exaggerate = exaggerate

along = during OR in OR during [While his][While] up a hill, something went wrong.

Total goal = goal

Overall structure = structure

exaggerate = exaggerate

due to the fact that = because


special kind of = DELETE

Previous experience = experience

prehistory = history

past memories = memories

opened the way = DELETE

pay you the sum of $2,000 = pay you $2,000

penetrate = penetrate

Period = period, time OR DELETE

maybe this is = this could be OR maybe this is

personal friend = friend

personal opinion = opinion

personally feel/think/believe = I feel/think/believePersonally, [I find]the hill is very steep.

take and choose = take OR choose

plan ahead / in advance = plan

play[s] an important role = DELETE [be specific]

Finger pointing = blamepoints his finger [To blame]Jack didn't help.

Polar opposites = opposites

possible courses of action = choicesThey had two possible courses of action.=You had two choices.

before/before = before

keep going = keep going

before = before

protest against = protest

providing = provided

use = use

inherently fascinating = fascinating



unique = DELETE


soon obvious = obvious

Truth/real life = truth/life

reconsider = reconsider

refer/reflect/answer = refer/reflect/answer

regardless of that = although

repeat[ed] [repeat] again = repeat[ed]

each/each = DELETE

to = to OR toJack gingTo the right[climbed] to the well and fell into it.

go up = go up

round [square, rectangular] shaped = round [square, rectangular]


safe haven = safe haven

says exactly the same thing = repeats

check carefully = examine

seems to close = close

seek/prefer to have = seek/prefer

serious danger = danger

serve the purpose of = DELETE

serves to explain/show = explain/show

set a new record = set a recordsocket kit aNovoRecord for falling into wells.

scream out loud = scream

shrugged = shrugged

similar = likeJack and Jill are on their way downequals FocusedHumpty Dumpty.

small size = small

so much = DELETE and be accurate

some kind of = DELETE

somewhere near = aboutJack wogsomewhere in the neighborhoodagain vicinity170 pounds.

kind of = DELETE

spell out in detail = spell out OR DELETE

Start gaining some momentum = gain some momentumAs they start walking down the hill, theybeginningget some momentum.


State of affairs = DELETE [free]her accident wasoneabominableCondition.

still have still = noch

to study in depth = to study

after = after

after using = after using

sudden impulse = impulse

Total = Total OR Total

summarize briefly = summarize

surrounded on all sides = surrounded

testimony under oath

symbolically represented = represented OR symbolized



act = act

consider = take into account

took = DELETEIf Jack had done ithad time to thinkabout that, . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷=If Jack had thought about it, . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

big in height = big

terrible/terrible tragedy = tragedy

this/this is said = DELETE

that exists = DELETE

that exists between/with/between = between/with/between

this is/are/were = DELETE if possible

i.e. = DELETE

the color green = green

the complete opposite of = the opposite ofJack is him Completely Opposite of Jill.

the end OR end result = the result

to what extent = DELETEThe extent to which Jack was hurt was clear.=Jack was seriously injured.

the human race = humans OR humanity OR humans

the fact that = the EXCLUSIVE OR

fact remains = DELETE

the final conclusion = the conclusion

most = most/many

the way/means whereby = how

the month of september = september

The nature of the [noun] = the [noun]

the general plan = the plan

there is a possibility for =may/might/couldThe possibility exists for norain=It mustn't rain.

The purpose of XXXX is to illustrate/show/demonstrate = XXXX illustrates/shows/demonstrates

the reason is because = the reason/why

the reason why [that's it] = the reason why, why

the role reversal between the two = the role reversalWatching Jack and Jill, we see the role reversalbetween the two.

the type OR use of =DELETE

There is a trend = DELETE OR BE SPECIAL

there is/are/was/were = DELETE

This is one way to get. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 = That stays. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

total destruction = destruction

to some degree = DELETE OR BE SPECIAL

be = OFFThe fountain was taken into accountbedeep.

to be able to = be

to make a plan/decision = planejar/decidir

make a purchase = acquire

arrange = arrange

true fact = fact

two o'clock in the afternoon = two o'clock in the afternoon

two in the morning = two in the morning


ultimate goal = goal

Ultimate goal/goal/goal = goal OR goal OR goal

unexpected emergency = emergency

unexpected surprise = surprise

unintentional error = error

unique in its own way =DELETEJack was uniqueYour way.

united as one = united

until the time = until

at first sight = DELETEAt first glance,They looked like a beautiful couple.

useless in function = useless

extreme perfection = perfection


sway back and forth = sway

valuable good = asset

several different = several

very unique = unique

violent explosion = explosion

virtual = DELETE

visible to the eye = visible



notify beforehand = notify

we are of the opinion that = we believe

we as society = we OR society

We can see that = AVOID

we thought we agreed = we agreed

well aware = aware

were present = visited

is important = DELETE

When all is said and done = DELETEWhen all is said and doneJack and Jill fell into the well.

if or not = if/if OR EXCLUDE

that were found = are OR DELETE

that is/are/were = DELETE IF POSSIBLE

will come in the future = will come

will have an effect on = will have an effect

with the possible exception = except for different OUWith the possible exception of[Anders] Jack and Jill, most people pay attention to wells.

who is/was/who = DELETE

why it works the way it works = how it works

in relation to = about/approximately

with the sense = DELETE

firsthand witnessed = witnessed



young aged = young


Due to the fact that access to Internet resources is currently very easy in many places, the vast majority of users wish that these types of devices could be more easily carried everywhere.=Since the Internet is available in most places, users often prefer portable devices..

There are twelve words instead of forty-six. Dead easy.



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