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Nanoleaf redefined the home decor scene with their innovative smart lighting solutions, and things were looking pretty bright until my Nanoleaf lines started randomly separating.

I had a full repertoire of Nanoleaf products from the Shapes series to the Line series. And they all gave my place a rustic feel, at least until recently.

A few days ago my Nanoleaf lines stopped responding to my commands from the Nanoleaf app. At first I thought it was an isolated case. But then, to my annoyance, it happened again.

Nanoleaf keeps getting disconnected from the app due to network issues. To fix this, check and make sure your network is working properly. A hard reset or reset can fix issues with the device itself. Hardware issues can also cause abrupt disconnections.

Here is a complete guide with many troubleshooting steps to fix a Nanoleaf that keeps disconnecting.

Update your Nanoleaf device

Nanoleaf keeps disconnecting: how to save [2023] - BlinqBlinq (1)

First, let's get the basics in order. Even the smallest deviation from normal can change the digital landscape of the device and affect its functioning.

And one of the ways things can go wrong on your device is through bugs and errors.

Be it due to opening hours or network related issues, bugs and errors can get into your device.

Static that builds up in your system over time can also cause the device to randomly disconnect.

The easiest and most effective way to get rid of these time inconsistencies is to update your device.

Apower cycle testit is one of, if not the best, way to update your system in difficult situations like this.

In addition to refreshing your device, a power cycle test will also release any pent-up charges in your device, effectively improving your device's efficiency.

That's how it's done:

Disconnect the Power Unit from the Nanoleaf Controller and let it idle for a few seconds.

hold thepower-tastefor a few seconds. Release the button and perform this step a few times. This discharges static charges from the device.

Reconnect the power supply and turn on the controller and lights.

After that, look for the problem.

If you have problems with the Essential Bulb range, unscrew the bulb from the socket and insert it again after a few seconds.

Check the status of your network

Nanoleaf keeps disconnecting: how to save [2023] - BlinqBlinq (2)

One of the most likely reasons why your Nanoleaf is frequently disconnecting is network issues.

Bad signal strength and slow speeds contribute to this problem. In addition, network clutter can causeApp for not finding Nanoleaf accessories.

In tough times like the current one, it's best to check your network status to get a more specific answer to your problems.

A speed test would suffice.

Download a network speed test app or run the test in your smartphone's browser to see the status of your network.

Once you've completed the speed test, you'll find out your network speed, signal strength for the connected device, and latency, among other things.

If any of these parameters seem unstable, consider upgrading your router/modem.

Again, the same power cycle test as before would suffice.

Unplug the router/modem from the power supply and plug it back in after a few seconds.

Run the speed test again and check the status. If the results are satisfactory, pair your Nanoleaf again.

If the parameters don't seem stable enough, try these tips.

Some things to note about networking in Nanoleaf:

  1. Nanoleaf products arenot compatible with 5GHzribbon nets.
  2. Both your host device and Nanoleaf must beconnected to the same network.

Redefine WiFi not Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf keeps disconnecting: how to save [2023] - BlinqBlinq (3)

Network settings could very well be the reason for your Nanoleaf's abrupt disconnects. And what better way to solve these problems than with a network upgrade?

Although the setup part or the setup part is totally dependent on the Nanoleaf app on your phone, you can reset your Wi-Fi connection through the Nanoleaf controller.

A network upgrade allows you to reconnect your device to the WiFi and let go of the many problems that hinder the connection.

To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Connect your Nanoleaf product to a power source.

2. Press the buttonPower and Brighten buttonalternatively no controllerfive times each(10 times in total).

3. If you did it correctly, the Status/Power button LED will light upsolides Weiss, indicating that the device can be reconnected to the network.

Check and change the network channel

Nanoleaf keeps disconnecting: how to save [2023] - BlinqBlinq (4)

Network channels determine the speed and signal strength of the network band.

Even when there are multiple channels for a network band, most channels are affected by interference from adjacent channels.

As Nanoleaf products only support the 2.4GHz band, we will focus on that band for now.

Nanoleaf recommends channels 1, 6 or 11 to get the most out of the network.

The connection problem in Nanoleaf may be due to using a worse channel than the ones mentioned above.

Despite this, you can easily change network channels.

Connect your router to a PC using an Ethernet (or USB) cable and follow these instructions:

1. Open a browser on your PC and type theIP addressof your router in the search field. (You can find the router's IP address on the device)

2. Enter thecredentialsand enter the router portal.

3. Go toIdeasmenu e procure owireless channelPossibility. (Sometimes found underAdvanced Settings)

4. For the 2.4GHz band, select the1st, 6º, or 11ºCanal.

5. Save your selection and exit the portal.

Restart the router and check the parameters again.

O1st, 6º, e 11ºChannels for the 2.4GHz band are the least prone to adjacent channel interference. Therefore, they are more desirable than everyone else.

Remove the device and add it back into the Nanoleaf app

Nanoleaf keeps disconnecting: how to save [2023] - BlinqBlinq (5)

Then try to remove your Nanoleaf device from the Nanoleaf app. Consider this an upgrade.

Sometimes the Nanoleaf app has connectivity issues. An update may well be what it takes to return it to its former glory.

The process is quite simple and quick to perform without any problems.

Also, this fix is ​​one of the best solutions to fix the 'Nanaoleaf has already been added' error message on iOS devices.

Follow these steps in the Nanoleaf app to remove the device:

No Android:

1. Open the app and tap OpenMenuoptions in the top left corner.

2. Swipe left or tap and hold the Nanoleaf device tile to open aMenu popup.

3. Chooseextinguishto confirm the selection.

No iOS:

1. Open the app and click on theMorePossibility.

2. Choosemy devicesand tap your Nanoleaf device.

3. Touch noIdeas(Gear) and selectRemoved.

After removing the device from the app, perform a soft reset and reconnect the device to the Nanoleaf app.

Follow the steps below to add your Nanoleaf device back to the app:

No Android:

1. From the menu on the left side of the application, select theDevicesPossibility.

2. Tap the "+"Symbol.

3. Choose yourproductsand clickStart pairing.

4. Choose your preferred pairing mode:QR code/NFC ponta/manual input.

No iOS:

1. Open theMoremenu and selectmy devices.

2. Tap the "+" and select your Nanoleaf product.

3. Click onStart pairing.

4. The app will automatically open the camera to scan the QR code. You can also select other pairing modes on the previous screen.

Follow the steps below to reset your Nanoleaf:

1. Hold downPower and Brighten buttons(Dim button on Canvas series) together on the controller for about15 seconds.

2. Release the buttons as soon as the status LEDs start flashing.

3. Wait until the LED lights steadily and continuously.

You have now successfully reset your Nanoleaf.

Reset your Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf keeps disconnecting: how to save [2023] - BlinqBlinq (6)

The ultimate solution to most problems in Nanoleaf is a hard reset.

A hard reset erases all settings including WiFi settings, scene management and your personal settings stored on the device.

In other words, a hard reset resets all facets of Nanoleaf that are prone to issues.

The process is quite simple, but a little time consuming.

Follow these steps to reset your Nanoleaf:

1. First disconnect the power supply from the mains.

2. Then press and holdpower and shine(Dark for Canvas series) Buttons on the controller, connect the power supply again and turn on the device without releasing the buttons.

3. Continue holding the buttons until the button LEDs light up.

4. Release the buttons as soon as the LEDs light up. The LEDs will start flashing to indicate the start of the reset.

5. After about 2 minutes, your device will start switching between different colors, indicating that the reset is complete.

Pair the device with the app again and check the issue.

In case of Nanoleaf Lines series, press the reset button instead of the power and light buttons to reset the device.

For the Shapes row, press and hold the Power and Toggle buttons.

final thoughts

In addition to the above fixes, you should also consider the likelihood of physical damage for the aforementioned issue to be explicit.

Controllers can often be unpredictable and cause connection issues. Check if your Nanoleaf Controller has been physically damaged recently.

In that case, consider replacing the old one with a new controller.

If none of these tips helped, contact Nanoleaf Customer Service for a more specific solution.

Damaged panels can also cause connection problems. In that case, connect the controller to another panel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I fix Nanoleaf inaccessible?

Essentially sharing the same troubleshooting tips as the issue discussed here, try turning your device off and on againReset the Wi-Fi connection on your device tos possible fixes.

How do I update the Nanoleaf firmware?

To update your Nanoleaf firmware, open the app and click on the Settings menu. Go to Firmware Updates and select Update (if available).

Or Nanoleaf works with 5 GHz WiFi?

So far, none of the Nanoleaf products support the 5GHz WiFi band. This could be due to several transmission issues commonly associated with the 5GHz band.

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