Mythic Content Rework - League of Legends (2023)

Following our Season Launch video announcement, here's a tour of the Mythic content changes coming to LoL Rare and Exclusive content in 2022. This update will roll out in three phases:

Phase 1

mythical essence

Gems and Prestige Points are combined into a single new currency that never expires. When the update occurs, your remaining gems will automatically be converted to Mythic Essence at a ratio of 1:10, but your Prestige Points will be gone. Be sure to spend them in the Final Prestige Shop, which is now open! After the transition, Mythic Essence will replace Gems and Prestige Points wherever those two currencies appear as loot or rewards. Mythic Essence drop rates from Masterwork Chests will be temporarily increased to compensate for the removal of Prestige Points from bundles.

Mythic Content Rework - League of Legends (1)

mythical essence

Mythic Shop, Prestige Unvaults and Mythic Themes

We are also replacing the Gem Store with a Mythic Store with changing content. The content offered includes:

(Video) HUGE MYTHIC ITEMS REWORK - Midseason 2023 - League of Legends

Unsaved Prestige Skins:Prestige skins that were released at least 1 year ago can be traded in the Mythic store. Two Prestige will be released every month. This is how Mythic Essence prices are determined:

  • First bulge: 125 MU
  • Second exit: 150 ME(2019 prestige starts here)
  • Third+ Unvault: 200 ME(Prestigio 2018 starts here)

The 2018 and 2019 Prestige start at higher levels to honor the increased exclusivity and difficulty of obtaining them compared to the newer Prestige. Additionally, original owners will receive exclusive modded versions of the skins as a reward for their investment when those Prestiges are removed from the Vault. These modified versions will not be available for Mythic Essence. The boundary for OG ownership will bea patch before the Mythic Essence transition.This date will be communicated in the patch notes.

Mythic Content Rework - League of Legends (2)

K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition (2022) Aspect Concept

We're kicking things off strong by nullifying the first three at once, which means six Prestige skins will be nullified over three months:

  • K/DA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition (200 ME, los primeros propietarios obtienen una edición especial)
  • PROJECT: Irelia Prestige Edition (150 ME, early owners get special edition)
  • Pulsefire Thresh Prestige Edition (150 ME, first-time owners get a special edition)
  • Arkanistin Zoe Prestige Edition (125 ME)
  • Spirit Blossom Teemo Prestige-Edition (125 ME)
  • Battle Queen Diana Prestige-Edition (125 ME)

Mythic Theme Skins:Like the Ancient Prestige skins, the Ancient Gemstone skins will be unearthed in the Mythic Shop in a rotation of two at a time, but every three months instead of every month. They start at ME100 for your first withdrawal and cost ME125 on subsequent returns. The first Unvaults will be Hextech Annie and Hextech Amumu.

(Video) Mythic Content Overhaul - 2022 Prestige Special Edition Comparisons

In addition, we will be removing the Hextech theme and introducing new seasonal themes for exclusive Mythic Essence skins. The mythical theme of 2022 is Ashen Knights! A new themed Mythic skin debuts at the start of each three-month rotation and rotates at the end. These skins cost 100 ME when they debut and will cost 125 ME when they come out of the vault.

Mythic Content Rework - League of Legends (3)

Pyke of the Ashen Knights concept

Season Guardian and Emote:A rotating mythic-themed ward skin will be available each year for 50 ME, as well as a mythic-themed emote for 25 ME.

Other things:You can always spend some Mythic Essence on a random Skin Shard (10 ME), 50 Orange Essence (1 ME), or 150 Blue Essence (1 ME).

Reroll & Drop exclusivity

When new Prestige and Mythic skins release, they won't be available in loot pools, including replays, until their debut period ends (for example, when Ashen Knight Pyke leaves the Mythic Shop or when tokens from a new Prestige event expire skin). After that, they are eligible for loot and rerolls, but will not grant the border or summoner icon they originally started with.

(Video) Riot is changing Mythic items

Level 2

prestige 2.0

Starting in Phase 2, Prestige skins level up. We're experimenting with a new Prestige themed layer to make them stand out and feel like more than just golden chromas. Prestige 2.0 skins are couture reinterpretations of the base theme as if it were the stuff of a red carpet or runway event. Along with this new identity, we are increasing the value that Prestige offers, including new presentation art!

present milestones

Loot Showcase events, such as PROJECT 2021 or Battle Academia, transition from Prestige Point packs to a reward track that progresses as you open the event capsules. Skins that would have been unlocked for Prestige Points now debut in the Mythic Shop for 125 ME and will go into the Vault after the Showcase ends.

Mythic Content Rework - League of Legends (4)

Shows the milestone reward path

A Showcase Milestone Track is designed to match the same amount of loot you would have needed to purchase to earn 100 Prestige Points through capsule packs in 2021, but with a number of additional loot rewards. We'll be posting more information on Showcase Reward tracks as they're released!

Masterpiece Milestones

Mythic Content Rework - League of Legends (5)

(Video) Mythic Content Overhaul Explained. League of Legends.

Masterwork Milestone Reward Track

Masterwork Milestones are an infinitely repeatable reward path for opening Masterwork Chests. ALL Masterpiece Chests count towards this path, regardless of how you got them (eg quest rewards), not just the ones you buy outright. We are currently planning the following rewards.

  • 5 Chests: 5 Mythic Essences and Skin Fragments from each level
  • 10 Chests: 5 Mythic Essence
  • 15 Chests: 5 Mythic Essences and 975+ Skin Fragments
  • 20 chests: 5 mythic essence
  • 25 Chests: 5 Mythic Essences and over 1,350 Skin Fragments

Since each chest roughly corresponds to one Mythic Essence, the Milestone Track rewards for pack purchases provide slightly less Mythic Essence than comparable Prestige Points (5 ME instead of 6 PP for the 5 chest pack; 10 +1 ME instead of 13 PP for the 10 + 1 chest pack).

phase 3

developed event pass

Mythic Content Rework - League of Legends (6)

Event Pass Evolved Reward Track

The latest step in the Mythic content overhaul is an update to League's Event Passes, combining the existing Token Shop system with the more traditional Battle Passes. Earn XP by playing games and completing missions, and unlock tokens and other rewards as you level up in the pass. All rewards spread across different event quest types today are consolidated into a 50-tier reward breakdown with paid and free hints:

(Video) The Problem With The Mythic Content Overhaul...

  • Free Event Missions – Converted into Free Pass Tracking Rewards. It still includes a total of 300 tokens and an Event Orb, among other content. Up to level 30 you get all rewards for free.
  • Pass Token Bank Missions: Converted to paid pass tracking rewards at each level. After every 50 event pass levels, there is an infinitely repeatable "51" level for pass holders that awards tokens.
  • Milestone Missions Pass - Converted into Paid Pass Tracking Rewards.
  • Pass weekly winning missions - Now award XP instead of tokens. Stacks with First Victory of the Day missions.
  • (NEU)First Win of the Day Free Missions: Earn Pass XP for your first win (or 3 matches played) each day. Like the standard First Win mission, this is a use it or lose it model; You cannot collect multiple first win missions.

Just like today, you spend the tokens you earn in a token shop, and once the new Event Pass launches, we'll adjust voting as needed to ensure grinding 2000 tokens doesn't take any longer than it does now. The new store has some usability improvements, such as category tags (the icons on the left in the image above!)

As League Event Pass evolves, we will not increase its price. Event Passes are still 1650 RP and contain four Event Orbs and 200 Event Tokens. We're also keeping the 2650 RP bundle, which includes the base event prestige skin, its border, and its icon.

Coming soon in 2022

We're excited to finally bring you these updates this year! We'll update you on the release of each phase, so keep an eye out for when the changes will be ready for release.


How often does mythic shop refresh? ›

Mythic Shop Prestige Release:

Every year we'll choose a new Theme that will carry across all the Mythic Skins released over the year. One new Ward Skin of the same Theme will also be available.

Does mythic shop refresh? ›

The Mythic Shop will rotate every month, unvaulting different skins. There will be two Prestige skins rotating every month. Moreover, there will also be two older hextech skins and a new mythic skin that will rotate every three months.

What did Mythic Essence replace? ›

After the conversion, Mythic Essence will replace Gemstones and Prestige Points everywhere those two currencies appeared as loot or rewards.

Is Mythic Essence permanent? ›

There is no time limit to get them and once you grab all rewards, the loop will repeat.

Can you only buy 1 mythic item? ›

Only one Mythic item can be purchased at a time.

How long does the mythic shop rotation last? ›

Other mythic content, like new mythic skins – take Ashen Knight Pyke for example – and Hextech skins, will rotate every three months. This means every 6 patches, we'll be getting new mythic skins.

What is the drop rate of mythic skins? ›

Mythic Essence has light "bad luck protection," so you can't go more than 50 boxes without getting Mythic Essence. This results in a 3.6% chance of getting ME. ME can also drop from bonus chests, bringing the overall drop rate up to 4%.

Is it possible to get mythic skins from chests? ›

The Mythical Skins Chest is a chest that has rewards of mythical skins. It is obtained by reaching the max level in a Pixel Pass, or buying one with Pass Tickets.

Can you reroll a mythic? ›

Mythic Heroes has a gacha system as well which means you can never be sure about receiving your desired Hero. Although it is impossible to improve these odds, you can reroll multiple times and repeat the process until you're satisfied.

How much is 125 Mythic Essence worth? ›

125 Mythic Essence may also be purchased with 2200 event-exclusive currency.

What was the first mythic skin? ›

Cyber Demon Genji is the first of its kind: our debut Mythic-tier skin. Mythic skins soar a tier above Legendary, pushing the artwork, animation, and special effects to levels we hadn't incorporated in our skins to this point!

How to get 100 Mythic Essence League? ›

You can find Mythic Essence in every place that you used to find gemstones and prestige points, like regular Hextech chests, Masterwork chests, and the various orbs that you can earn or buy in the game, according to Riot Games.

Is Riot removing Essence Emporium? ›

The Essence Emporium between June 28, 2022 and July 12, 2022 will be the last Essence Emporium for a while. Riot explained in their Patch 12.12 patch notes that "running the Emporium is so inefficient it causes delays and feature cuts in other projects like events and missions.

Are mythic skins rare? ›

Riot has also created new mythic thematics for which they will make unique skins only available for those who purchase Mythic Essence with real money. These are not considered 'rare' though, since the skins can be found in Masterwork chests as well.

How rare is a mythic skin in league? ›

Ultimate Skin Drop Chance
Skin-TierSkin Count (including limited)Dropchance
Mythic35 (37)0,04%
1 more row
Apr 15, 2020

What is more rare than mythic? ›

Item Rarity - Rare is Common, Mythical is Uncommon and Legendary is Rare. Here, have some charts!

What is the best tank mythic in League of Legends? ›

Heartsteel is the successor to Sunfire Aegis as the best tank mythic item in League of Legends and even though it doesn't share the same stats and abilities as its predecessor, the items abilities are a welcome addition to all types of tanks in the top lane and jungle.

How do mythic skins work? ›

Essentially, Mythic skins are the higher tier than Legendary. They set a new limit on rarity and allow you to customize your favorite hero even more. The skins are designed to be some of the most sought-after designs in the game and will likely be the main goal for most players.

How long does it take to get the mythic Genji skin? ›

Mythic Skins are the next rarity above Legendary skins in Overwatch 2. They are aimed at being the most exciting and sought-after cosmetics according to Blizzard, who told Game Informer that it takes them over a year to make one Mythic Skin.

How much Mythic Essence for a prestige skin? ›

Unvaulted Prestige Skins

Skins cost 100 Mythic Essence when they first debut. They will then appear in the shop for 125 and 150 ME before capping at 200 ME after their third appearance.

How many times can you run mythic 0 for loot? ›

Common Problems. You may only loot bosses in Mythic dungeons once per week. If you had completed this dungeon in Mythic before, please wait until the weekly reset to repeat the dungeon for loot.

How much RP is a mythic skin worth? ›

These skins will cost 1350 RP for players since Riot usually only releases skins in the Epic tier.

What does mythic 20 drop? ›

Completing a +20 Mythic keystone dungeon will net you a piece of gear that scales all the way up to item level 421, the equivalent of gear that drops off of Mythic level Kurog Grimtotem and Dathea.

How rare are legendary skins? ›

Legendary skins & facts

But these two skins are available permanently at only 975 RP. So far, there are 78 Legendary rarity skins available in League of Legends. While many champions are lucky to receive even a single Legendary rarity skin, several champions with multiple Legendary (or above) skins available.

How rare is it to get a ultimate skin in a chest? ›

Hextech Chest Drop Rates:

Skin shard or Ultimate skin permanent: 50% Champion shard: 25% Ward skin shard: 11.5% Emote: 10%

Can you buy Genji Mythic skin? ›

Like Cyber Demon Genji, Zeus Junker Queen is both very customizable and an embodiment of its seasonal theme: Greek mythology. It can't be purchased. The only way to unlock it is to purchase the premium battle pass and level it up to tier 80.

Can you build two mythic items? ›

A player can have only 1 Mythic item.

Can I do the same mythic twice? ›

The Mythic+ dungeon system has no lockouts. You can complete as many Mythic+ dungeons as you want, as long as at least one player in your party has a Mythic Keystone.

Can you downgrade a mythic key? ›

Mythic keystones will downgrade if the dungeon is not completed within the timer or if the character who used the keystone leaves the dungeon: If you complete the dungeon but don't make the timer, you'll get a Keystone for a random dungeon that is 1 level lower than the one used.

Do you get Mythic Essence every 50 levels? ›

Gamers will receive 10 Mythic Essence for every 50 levels after 150. There is a 3.6% probability that Hextech Chests will drop 10 Mythic Essence. There is a 4.2% probability that Masterwork Chests will drop 5 Mythic Essence.

How do you get 5 Mythic Essence? ›

How To Get Mythic Essence In League of Legends
  1. Hextech Chests - Players will obtain 10 Mythic Essence.
  2. Masterwork Chests - Players will obtain 5 Mythic Essence.
  3. Every 50 levels after level 150 - Players will obtain 10 Mythic Essence.
  4. Milestone Missions - Players will obtain 25 Mythic Essence upon completion.
Jun 16, 2022

Who is the next Ashen Knight? ›

As mentioned previously, popular leaker Big Bad Bear has revealed that Mordekaiser will be the next champion to be featured in the Ashen Knight skinline.

Can you get banned for using skin changer lol? ›

But if it happens that you get banned for 3rd software applications, there's no chance to get unbanned. With that being said, using a skin changer is risky and might get your account banned, but it's not forbidden.

What is the rarest ml skin? ›

Did you know that Layla's Blue Specter Skin is very rare? That skin has been released in only one event in several regions and has never made a comeback ever since!

Which champion has the most skins? ›

Champions With The Most Skins in League of Legends
  • Sivir — 16 Skins. SkinSpotlights. 2.66M subscribers. ...
  • Ahri — 16 skins. League of Legends. 15M subscribers. ...
  • Ezreal — 16 skins. League of Legends. 15M subscribers. ...
  • Akali — 16 skins. League of Legends. ...
  • Miss Fortune — 17 Skins. League of Legends. ...
  • Lux — 18 Skins. League of Legends.
Jan 19, 2023

How to get 100 blue essence fast? ›

Here's a list of ways to earn Blue Essence in League of Legends:
  1. Levelling Up between Summoner levels 1 and 30.
  2. From Summoner level 5 champions capsules are awarded at level ups, which can be disenchanted for Blue Essence.
  3. Completing missions during special events like Lunar Revel.
Aug 9, 2022

How can I get orange essence fast? ›

The most efficient way to farm Orange Essence is by disenchanting shards in your loot tab with the Hextech system. Skin shards, icon shards, emotes, Eternals, and ward shards all drop the material, which you can then use to forge permanents of other items.

Can you still get arcane skin? ›

You can earn all of these skins via missions in-game starting on November 8, 2021. Once you've completed the related missions, you'll receive the Skin Permanent and its corresponding Champion Permanent in your Loot tab.

Can Riot give you skins? ›

What can I gift? You can send your friends: champions, skins, ward skins, RP, summoner icons, rune pages, hextech keys, hextech chests, and gifting-specific event loot.

Can you buy chromas with Blue Essence? ›

You can get chromas with Blue Essence during special sales that take place twice a year; one for preseason, and one in mid-season. Get in on these sales and own the full spectrum for your favorite skin at 2000 BE per chroma.

How often does the mythic shop reroll? ›

Mythic Shop Prestige Release:

Every year we'll choose a new Theme that will carry across all the Mythic Skins released over the year. One new Ward Skin of the same Theme will also be available.

Can I refund skin with Chroma? ›

You can directly refund individual chromas with a token. Chroma bundles purchased within the last 90 days are refundable as well, but require a ticket to Player Support with the subject “Chroma Bundle Refund Request.” Each chroma bundle counts as one token.

How do I refund a VP? ›

How to Refund Unused VP. You can request a refund for unused VP by /submitting a ticket. Cash refunds are available for 14 days after a transaction as long as the VP wasn't spent.

Is Vandal Jax rare? ›

Vandal Jax can be obtained through Hextech crafting or from mystery gifts. However, the chances of getting from these are pretty low. It is better to acquire the skin by buying an account that has the skin in its collection.

Why is silver Kayle so rare? ›

Silver Kayle Skin Information

Similar to the other collectors skins the Silver Kayle was a reward for purchasing the collector's edition of the game. It's estimated that around 65,000 people received this skin back in 2009 making it less than 1% of the current LoL community.

How rare is grey warwick? ›

Grey Warwick was originally only available to players who referred a certain number of friends.
Grey Warwick Skin Information.
AnimationsNo new animations
Release date08/07/2010
1 more row

What are the chances of getting a mythic skin in League? ›

Ultimate Skin Drop Chance
Skin-TierSkin Count (including limited)Dropchance
Mythic35 (37)0,04%
1 more row
Apr 15, 2020

What is the drop rate for Mythic Essence? ›

Obtaining Mythic Essence

Hextech Chests have a 3. 6% chance of dropping 10 Mythic Essence and Masterwork Chests have a 4. 2% chance of dropping 5 Mythic Essence.

What are the rarest mythic skins in lol? ›

Certain Mythic skins have Prestige variants that feature a special portrait border, splash art, and VFX which can only be obtained during limited time events for prestige tokens. The rarest Mythic skin is currently Neo PAX Sivir, a modern update of the rare PAX Sivir skin.

How rare are mythic shards? ›

With a 20% chance of pulling a 6* from a pool of over 200 6* champs, the frequency with which players obtain Mythic shards feels…well, not very mythic.

Which is the rarest skin in League? ›

The Victorious skin line has been a tradition every year, with one new Victorious skin by the end of each season that is given out to players who reach Gold rank or higher. The skin line started with Victorious Jarvan IV in 2011, which is extremely rare since most players from back then don't play anymore.

Can you get mythic skins from reroll? ›

Reroll & Drop Exclusivity

When new Prestige and Mythic skins debut, they'll be unavailable in loot pools, including rerolls, until their debut period ends (ex.

What does mythic 15 drop? ›

What do you get from Mythic 15? By completing Mythic +15 dungeons, you can get a chance to loot 398 ilvl item at the end of the dungeon.


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