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Magnum Force (1973)It's an English movie. Ted Post directed this movie. Clint Eastwood, Hal Holbrook, Mitchell Ryan, and David Soul star in this movie. It was released in 1973. Magnum Force (1973) is considered as one of the best action, crime, mystery and thriller movies from India and the world.

San Francisco Police Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) and his new partner Earlington "Early" Smith (Felton Perry) have been temporarily transferred from homicide to surveillance. Meanwhile, the city criminals who manage to evade punishment from the courts keep getting killed by unknown assassins. Callahan begins to investigate the murders despite the orders of his superior officer, Lt. Neil Briggs (Hal Holbrook). A man must know his limits.


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  • The greatest action sequel masterpiece ever!


    Magnum Force (1973) is the best action sequel ever! Dirty Harry and Magnum Force are my two favorite sequels of all time. It is one of my personal favorite movies. I always enjoy these two Clint Eastwood movies so much that I grew up watching these two movies and they are the best action movies of all time! I kept watching them. My second favorite action movie of all time! The movie had a good production: good actors and Clint was his usual badass. Hal Holbrook is a great villain. The movie is proof that sequels can be very good movies and are not superfluous. It's my favorite entry in the series and hands down one of the best action movies of the '70s! Magnum Force has it...everything. Immortal perfection personified. Hal Holbrook does a great job, as do the three rookies who rose to fame on his account. Robert Urich and David Soul made the Berserker Cops good. I think Harry "crosses the line" and obviously those crazed cops too, but unlike them he never kills women and innocent bystanders. .no CGI or special effects. It's not that I hate CGI or special effects... it's so nice to see how it was done. Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) stands up to rogue cops and never swears by "justice" from him. Great gun shooting scenes and a very well made movie. Eastwood Rock. I forgot to mention that the Dirty Harry series is more similar to Charles Bronson's Death Wish series. In my opinion, I like the Dirty Harry series much more than any other action movie. So the movie takes place when a mysterious murder wave sweeps through the mob underworld, it's Inspector "Dirty Harry" Callahan who responds with the Magnum Force. Despite a demotion from Lt. Neil Briggs due to his questionable methods, Harry will stop at nothing to find the killers. Rogue traffic cops kill criminals who escaped from the court, brutally kill them and they don't care if they kill an innocent person or not. These cops are different from the Scorpio from the previous movie and are more ruthless than the psychopathic sniper Scorpio. A hard-hitting, hard-hitting, explosive action thriller that gets the job done. It's a well-written, well-constructed action movie that packs a lot of flavor. Clint Eastwood is in top form as Dirty Harry and shows that no police series can stand up to his classic or these movies. Compared to the original, this was a much better movie: the main story and characters were more interesting, the writing was less jerky, and the overall pacing was better. It was still pretty dated, but much easier to take than the original. And once again I enjoyed his "retro". The unflinching coolness of Mr. Eastwood, when he dissects a bomb or refuses a local anesthetic by seven stitches. In the movie, Harry is certainly not a dictator. the law is The law decides who lives and who dies. Harry doesn't glorify the state either; or in this case the system. He hates the system, the liberal legal system that messed everything up and Harry is the janitor who has to clean it up; which makes sense considering his name comes from always doing the dirty jobs. Well, someone has to. Ironically, sometimes he makes a mess himself, but ends up delivering efficient results. Magnum Force has new enforcers in town, and they ride dark horses. If ever a fascist label can be attached to them, it is on them. Magnum Force is a 1973 American action film and the second after the 1971 film Dirty Harry, starring Clint Eastwood as lone cop Harry Callahan. Ted Post, who also directed Eastwood in the TV series Rawhide and the feature film Hang 'Em High, directed the film, the second in the Dirty Harry series. I love this movie, it's my best sequel. Just like the first two Terminator movies, I love these two sequels to death! This movie deserves a 10, it's almost as good as Dirty Harry, the only problem I have with the movie is the 2 hours. long, could have been shorter. All the actors did a great job and the story was fantastic. I enjoyed this movie to death and always will! Throughout, dear old arrogance is emphasized: Harry earnestly repeats that "a man must know his limits." Therefore, it is argued that the murders he commits are justified - "There is nothing wrong with shooting as long as you shoot the right people" - but the murderers must be discriminatory. The action scenes are fabulous and fantastic, the shooting is great, you will be using a lot of guns and they are used well.


  • Good movie


    Sometimes I wonder if Magnum Force is a better movie than Dirty Harry. In the latter, Harry Calahan encounters a panic-inducing psychopath, while in Magnum Force, Harry faces a host of enemies: enemies he initially didn't expect to face. Crime keeps rising, there's too much corruption, and not enough "real" cops like him. When he meets some young police officers, he is surprised by their qualities. Great performance by Clint Eastwood, who is perfect for playing the old Harry Callahan. There is violence, but the strange thing is that you are helping Callahan to "clean up" the city. One of the best in the Dirty Harry series.


  • Eastwood is the quintessential conventional tough guy...


    A thug, Carmine Ricca, has been acquitted of murder due to the usual frustrating court formalities... He leaves, a happy and free man... Not for long... A policeman on a motorbike stops his car, apparently for a traffic violation, and slaughters him and the other three inmates without mercy... Harry soon appears on the scene, this time with a new black partner, Early Smith (Felton Perry). It turns out that Harry is no longer in Homicide, having been relegated to the surveillance squad by Detective Briggs (Hal Holbrook) for his earlier unconventional methods... Despite this, he soon proves that he hasn't lost any of the considerable abilities of him. While enjoying a hamburger at the San Francisco airport, he becomes embroiled in a kidnapping... Harry meets an old colleague, Charlie McCoy (Mitch Ryan), who seems strangely upset by the ineffectiveness of the courts, and Harry fears that he may be to blame. killer cop... Later, at the police shooting range, he meets four young traffic cops who are more than impressed by his deadly methods of the past... With a rising wave of murders in the underworld, Harry finally he is instructed to work with Briggs. to solve the problem them... he still suspects that the murderer is McCoy until the latter is killed. t, and setting a clever trap to check the bullets in the guns of the four young motorcycle cops, Harry discovers that they are the culprits... ".44 Magnum" is much oilier than "Dirty Harry". The lack of emotion is evident in Harry's character... He is a powerful and dominant character who shoots first and asks questions later... Director Ted Post takes him from below to print his stature in the work... Eastwood is the solid enough, but not as insistent as in Dirty Harry. He even has sex... Inevitably, as usual in his personality, the initiative must come from the woman, unsuccessfully from McCoy's widow and very directly from the pretty Japanese girl who lives downstairs... She looks at Eastwood and says, "What does a girl have to do to sleep with you?" He replies: "She tries to knock on the door." They've only known each other for half a minute, making it one of the fastest movie seductions of all time, and illustrating the fact that Eastwood's sex appeal is instant and direct... He's the quintessential conventional badass handsome, laconic , cynical, determined and independent; clearly a man to be idolized by other men and adored by women...


  • Another Dirty Harry Masterpiece


    Magnum Force raises the temperature a bit more than Dirty Harry. There's a little more gunplay and more of that sizzling '70s soundtrack that helped make Dirty Harry so wonderful. Clint returns as Dirty Harry Callahan, of course, this time behind a small group of rogue cops. All the Dirty Harry movies are great and this is the second best in the series after Dirty Harry. The streets of San Francisco provide a beautiful backdrop, and Hal Halbrook does a great job playing the perpetually annoying boss. Bottom Line: Magnum Force lives up to the standard set by Dirty Harry and does a fabulous job of continuing the series.


  • A sequel with a new story...

    Monte Carlo Man2005-07-22

    This sequel to the entertaining Dirty Harry has few rivals in terms of successful sequels. Most don't stand on their own two feet, but Magnum Force does it solidly. Changing the plot but not the style is a good formula in movies, rather than playing with what was already done in the original, which is why so many sequels fail. Magnum Force is my second favorite Eastwood movie after High Plains Drifter. Harry still likes to do things his way, even though he doesn't focus his energies on the bad guys, but on a few dirty cops from his own department! Follow in the footsteps of the original with lots of great views of San Francisco (my birthplace!). I always feel at home when I see this movie. This is another movie that plays a lot on TV because it's so good on its own. Felton Perry does a good job as Harry's partner, comparable to Reni Santoni in the original. I didn't like any of the sequels that followed this movie, with the exception of Sudden Impact. Magnum Force is a movie that is consistently rated as worth watching.


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