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Various Arter Van Cruisers

Select of ship it is to the right to of hair if a lot Unpleasant Do met if you are cruise met and something anders (I At includes traveler when). The chapter covers of best opportunities to families, romance seeking, solo, groups, I traveler met handicap. Read op.

Family Reis

Many parents take their children on cruise vacations. The major shipping lines have responded with youth counselors and supervised programs, exclusive playrooms, teen centers and even video game rooms to keep kids entertained while their parents relax. Some lines even go so far as to offer special excursions and spa treatments for children and teenagers, and most ships offer extra evening activities and in-cabin childcare (for a fee). You can even find reduced cruise prices for children; MSC Cruises is known for offering "kids sail free" promotions at certain times of the year.

And children like sailing. The largest ships feature water parks, waterslides, game show-style activities, character encounters and brunch at sea with costumed favorites. On land, there are often family-friendly activities (sometimes on ships' private islands), such as beach walks, trampoline parks, water parks, waterslides, ziplines and kid-friendly barbecues. Cruise vacations can be a combination of resort, theme park and shopping mall, meaning there is plenty of entertainment for children of all ages.

infants, Babies & Little children

While many lines are child-friendly, many are less infant-friendly, so if you expect to travel with an infant, you'll want to prioritize baby-friendliness in your line selection.

Chapter 5: 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CRUISERS - From Mer's EasyGuide to Cruising (1)Claim:Most lines require infants to be at least 6 months old on their cruises, and some require them to be 12 months old. There are outliers: MSC Cruises has no age requirements at all and – at the other end of the spectrum – many luxury and expedition lines have a minimum age of 14 and over.

Chapter 5: 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CRUISERS - From Mer's EasyGuide to Cruising (2)Gear:The most baby-friendly lines have cribs or playpens and high chairs at your disposal. For example, Disney Cruise Line also offers loaner diapers and strollers. Many have programs that allow you to order formula, wipes, and diapers in advance and have them waiting for you upon arrival so you don't have to bring these items from home. Some luxury lines, including Crystal Cruises, offer handmade baby food in the dining room.

Chapter 5: 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CRUISERS - From Mer's EasyGuide to Cruising (3)Swimming:Pool access is limited to potty-trained children on all cruises, and infants and toddlers are expected to wear diapers in play pools and water parks.

Chapter 5: 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CRUISERS - From Mer's EasyGuide to Cruising (4)babysit:Childcare policies vary widely. Cunard, Disney and Royal Caribbean have full-service babysitters. Other lines, including Celebrity Cruises and Regent Seven Seas, offer in-cabin childcare programs. Many other lines require children to be potty trained before you can leave them alone with a member of staff, so be diligent in your research so you don't have any surprises upon arrival. Costs can vary wildly, but expect to pay around $19 an hour for this service.

children' Clubs

This is a place where the line's offerings range from full service for children of most ages at most times to very limited - or even none - offerings. It is also important to ask your travel agent or cruise line if a supervised program will be available on your particular cruise because lines that allow children but are not specifically targeted at them only offer programs if a certain number of children are about table.

Television & In Chamber Film

On the regular lines, every cabin will have a TV, although some of the smaller expedition ships do not. The choice of channels varies from a limited number of channels to a full On Demand setup. Beware: Most lines charge for on-demand movies, so make sure the kids don't lose track of the remote. If you feel that what the ship has to offer does not meet your family's needs, consider bringing a laptop or iPad with preloaded movies and TV shows. It is also a good idea if you are in your cabin during a nap and if you have put the children to bed.

For lines with kids' clubs in a dedicated area with dedicated staff, you'll find that the process usually follows this plan: On the first day of the cruise, register your child and fill out paperwork. You get the chance to explore the space with your child - which is important because later, when the journey begins, no adults are allowed in the children's areas. These children's clubs are divided by age group. On some lines they share a large space with dedicated areas; other lines, such as Carnival, Disney, and Royal Caribbean, have separate clubs for toddlers, children, teens, and teens.

Character partnerships

Think this here programmer Is right now frosting op top Van of kage Van children programmer? Of other of at se IN group Van klein children bip if she favorite Character walks go inside of spacious the er at se IN steen ster i of meat to of First time - you want to understand How ver this here programmer go i entertaining of least cruisers.

Without IN doubt,Disney Cruise Linehair of most big Character plan. Mickey greeting cruisers bi embarkation I bi of end Van of catwalk, I of away lines party op of First evening includes Anders Ducks band. Door of cruise the Is meet and greet met Mickey, Minnie, I she friends, Men Also of the princess (WHO line up Unpleasant divorced signatures to IN lang, lang line Van klein girls, a lot Van if at have dressed up to of Photo op). IN especially choice: of able to divorced FROM children up Unpleasant to get IN telephone phone call Van An Van she favorite sign tell hen How excited she Is Unpleasant Meet hen op of cruise, IN treat At little children are compared to note op during the day An Van Mine sailing.

Of Dreams do work partnership metRoyal Caribbean Lineincludes impression Van Dreams do work film, some Van Which one Is 3D film, if well if An evening procession VanShrek, Fiona, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda,I ofMadagascaranimals. Cruisers able to Also divorced up to Character breakfast I happiness go inside Photo ops door of cruise. OpAllure of the seathere is IN Madagascar-theme aquatic show.An important note:Characters Is does not op on ships, I of line most recent builds,The quantum of the oceansIanthem of the seas,Do does not function of Dreams do work experience.

Of “Seuss-a-Palooza” plan opCarnavalscruisesis IN winner, of highlight Van Which one is of Vegetables Egg I ham brunch. Children able to Also to take Of the i IN procession Van sign (think Ding 1 I Ding 2 if well if of Kat i of Hat) Which one ends i of ships most important show salon Where cruise Manager entertain children met IN especially history time, Read Van An excessive to copy VanThe cat in the hat.Of line hair Also started rolling ud dr. Seuss' Bookville, IN children reading room.

I recently year,MSC Cruiseshair inclined up is Lego partnership: You will Find a lot Van lyse colored classic I Double brick i Game Rooms I, op some ships, i especially Lego-theme Game areas met Lego walls. Op moose the sailing, IN zee day is assigned if of officially Lego day, I passengers Game game I compete i building Matches. Guests able to Also at have she image taken met of Lego based Character op bord.

When you come back and drop off your child, you usually pay for the benefit per hour. You can drop off your child for an hour during the day so you can go to the spa, or several hours so you can lie in the sun; In the evening, many lines also offer meals and children's clubs in the evening.

If you are concerned about safety, it may feel better to learn about the precautions that cruise lines take. Some cruise lines (including Disney and Norwegian) wristband children so staff can take them to the right lifeboat to meet you in an emergency if they're in the club. A few lines, including Disney, provide pagers for parents to keep in touch.

Activities vary greatly between age groups, but you can find crafts, character-related meet and greets, open playtime with toys, and story lessons. Some lines also offer pajama parties, movies under the stars, and other events geared toward children and teens. On a cruise aboard Norwegian Cruise Line'sNorwegian Zon,children were encouraged to make paper airplanes, which were then "launched" into the air from the top of the atrium. Carnival throws a children's parade through the main dining rooms, where the youngsters, dressed as pirates, sing: "We want dessert! We want dessert!"

One of the better deals for parents who want a mix of family time and adult time: Some lines (usually Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival) let kids' club staff members pick up kids during dinner, so you can finish your meal as a couple and even catch a show or grab a cocktail before picking up the kids later.

discounts to Families & Other things Groups

Most cruise lines that target families offer discounts to the third or fourth passenger in a cabin with two full-paying guests, whether they are adults, teenagers or young children. Some have special sail-free programs for children who share a cabin with two full-fare paying adults. These discounts are sometimes seasonal, so you'll have to do some research, but MSC is a line with consistently great deals for families.

Solo Reis

One of the great things about traveling solo on cruises is that you can always ask to be seated with other guests so you never have to eat alone. (If you don't want to sit with other guests, find a ship with alternative dining options—though a set meal with "table for one, please" is likely to raise a few eyebrows from your shipmates.) You also need to care too much about finding people to talk to as the general atmosphere on almost all ships is very pleasant and allows most people to find conversation easily, especially during group activities. Some ships hold a party or lunch on sea days to give singles a chance to get to know each other, and some ships offer social hosts as dance partners for women traveling alone.

Roommate At linke Programmer

Some lines, such as Holland America and some river cruise lines, have a cabin sharing program. By choosing this, individual travelers can sign up to be matched with another single traveler of the same gender, thus avoiding the dreaded individual fee. If the cruise line cannot find you a roommate of the same sex, they will only book you in a stateroom, but still honor the shared fare.

The downside is that you may have to pay for the privilege of traveling alone. Cruise ship cabins are traditionally designed for two people and therefore the price is offered per person in a double room. Historically, cruise lines have charged a single supplement to cruisers who take an entire cabin to themselves to compensate for the line being designed for double occupancy. Today, the single supplement varies from 10% to 100% of the double room rate with some exceptions (see below). If you must pay one, look for a line with a reasonable single supplement rate—Holland America, Regent Seven Seas, and Silversea often offer lower-than-average solo supplements for cabin boarding; top suites always have a generous supplement for single rooms.

How Unpleasant To get free gifts op Bord

No need Unpleasant lugtoiletriesop bord met Of: Almost moose cruise line offer soap, shampoo, body to wash, I balsam free Van attack. Op some lines, of Services able to is rather luxury, met Viking I Windster met L'Occitane toiletries I The Silver Sea trav ud of Bulgarian I Ferragamo. cabin bathrooms tit at have klein additional like it cotton bolden, nagel filer I douche caps. If you are try Unpleasant minimize pack up, to ask of line of FROM reis intermediary i security deposit What must is i FROM toilet.

If isgratis drinksyou are manager to, a lot lines serve hen bi away lines celebrate I andre offer hen bi ship sponsored cocktail kl. Past gast Van of line Is usual pleated met free beverages (I appetizers Is typical given out ud i liberal amount) bi especially celebrate right now to this here loyal customers.

Other things free gifts To vary Van line Unpleasant line. Some at havecarrying strapsto FROM cabin Map, andre at haveplaying cards, postcards, combs,Iwine keys.A lot must offerseasicknessofpainkillerfree if of to ask. Already on, is i she best interest Unpleasant at se At of to enjoy FROM cruise. I add on, a lot lines at give udlogo coveredif T-shirts - foran people WHO to win on board Matches. Holland America, Princess I Windster provided Guests met useful kleincarrier bagsto institution ud op Coast excursions, mens Viking ships ud filluggage tagsI destination Instructions met Guests tickets At able to is erg valuable.

If you are to take An expedition cruise Unpleasant colder climates, of be able to does not at have Unpleasant pak At forsparka:Hurtigruten, Seabourn, I The Silver Sea moose to rest Guests met coats I of the park At Is their Unpleasant to hold op cruises Unpleasant of Arctic I Antarctica. A lot expedition lines Also provided Guests met free backpacks.

Unfortunately, of at gry Van fil document holders I printed tickets at have away of way Van of 8 sports: Most cruise lines nowadays problem electronically tickets I luggage labels i Pdf form At Guests Print ud himself.

Study cabins

Your best bet for a solo cruiser who hates the idea of ​​a single fee: book a cruise with a line that offers cabins specifically for individual travelers. IN 2010Norwegian Cruising LinelaunchedNorwegian Epicwith a block of 128 single bedroom cabins known as "Studio Staterooms". These cabins are made to be smaller, but designed efficiently and even playfully. They are all indoors, but they have access to a common lounge that serves as a café, bar and meeting place. The line has rolled out additional studio cabins at its new building, withNorwegian Break freeINorwegian Go awayeach blessed with 59 single cabins andNorwegian Escapemet 82.

Other cruise lines are following suit.Royal The Caribbeanhas 28 study cabins on board the newQuantitatively Van of HavIAnthem Van of Hav. Cunard Lineadded nine single cabinsQueen ElisabethIQueen Victoria,along with the first solo cabins on boardQueen Maria 2. Holland Koningsdamhas 12 solo cabins, isPrisdamhas 3.Costa Cruiseshas single cabins on about half of its fleet.

Heer Hosts & Social Hostesses

A few decades ago, most cruise lines had gentleman hosts. These single male travelers would be given free passage and in return would undertake to dine and dance with the single women on board. All but a few lines have eliminated the program. Today, Cunard, Crystal and Silversea still offer gentleman hosts, and they often do more than just dance and dine - on some lines they also escort individual travelers on shore excursions.

Most cruise ships have a so-called Social Hostess. These crew members do a lot to make solo travelers feel included: they host morning coffee talks at Sea Days and group lunches, and go out of their way to introduce solo travelers to others. On luxury lines such as Silversea, the social hostess may also be the international hostess who can assist guests who need information in languages ​​other than English.

bigger group Reis

Are you traveling with 10 other people or more? You may be surprised at how much the line will do to get you and your group on board.

Chapter 5: 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CRUISERS - From Mer's EasyGuide to Cruising (5)discounts:Crystal Cruises offers free passage to the 11th person in a group; Carnival Cruises and Costa Cruises offer a free fare for the 15th passenger. Some lines instead offer a free upgrade to a group's "leader," and many offer onboard credits for everyone in the group.

Chapter 5: 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CRUISERS - From Mer's EasyGuide to Cruising (6)Free gifts:When it comes to free stuff for everyone in the group, many lines, including Holland America and Norwegian Cruise Line, are starting to offer giveaways per person when you get up to eight cabins. It's also worth asking if your line will host a private cocktail party as an added value.

Chapter 5: 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CRUISERS - From Mer's EasyGuide to Cruising (7)coordinated Booking:Booking as a group has another advantage: it allows your travel agent and cruise line to "link" your reservations together so that you all get the same dining times and seats and, if desired, staterooms that are within a block of next to each other Other.

Cruisers met handicap

It is important to let the cruise line know of any special needs when making your reservation. If you use a wheelchair, you should find out if wheelchair-accessible cabins are available (and how they are equipped), if public areas are accessible and accessible by elevator, and if the cruise line has a special policy regarding travelers with disabilities, such as a fully mobile companion is required. Based on several court cases, it is clear that ships operating in US waters are supposed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, newer ships are generally better equipped and offer a larger number of cabins in different price ranges for passengers in wheelchairs and for people with visual or hearing disabilities. But even older ships undergoing renovation are being modified to provide more access.

public holidays Cruises

Of way cruise lines to celebrate public holidays carer Unpleasant To vary Van line Unpleasant line I public holidays Unpleasant holidays, So is important Unpleasant to ask i security deposit What programmer I activities must is offered if of fest is important Unpleasant Of.

At said most marking Thanksgiving met IN correct Turkey diner met on of confirmations - from filling Unpleasant cranberry sauce I pumpkin cake - at least Van Where of ship is the sailing i of world op At day. I fact, if of refrain like it Unpleasant kok, IN Thanksgiving cruise is IN beautiful way Unpleasant toasted bread of public holidays met FROM family over IN correct I traditional meal without at have Unpleasant should op of oven of to wash IN easy just.

The year be able to Actually is An Van of best time Van year Unpleasant is op IN ship, if of cruise lines have that Unpleasant to throw IN fantastic party. Of show - off formula Unpleasant mild of wild - depends op of line, Men of able to to expect a lot Van music, noise creators I toasted bread doesn't matter Van of ships of select.

Jul, the, is festive op a lot cruise ships, met sparkling lys, trees, I both traditional jul Eva I jul Day meals. IN wide range Van lines to celebrate of Jewish public holidays if Well, met Easter Giver I Hanukkah candles (usual Van of electric wide range to security grounds). At said if IN Safe type Van religious employ is important Unpleasant Of, of should always to inform over The i security deposit.

Van class, public holidays cruise comes met IN significant disadvantage: Prices increase go inside of the stratosphere I to travel to sell ud early. Is does not unusual to jul I The year to travel Unpleasant double i cost, especially to of from the top shelf suites. Airlines I hotels know of at score, the, I pay rise Prices equivalent. Cruising shipsalwaysserve bi vol capacity during the day the time, met a lot lines filling almost on third I fourth moorings if good and At resources mere matches op of swimming pool of to FROM favorite salon table.

If An alternative, of power wil Unpleasant sail during the day of First week Van January, when Prices val go inside of bargain basement of will not to get of public holidays celebrations, Men FROM savings bill must is i better form.

Disabled travelers should inquire at the time of booking whether the ship docks at ports or uses "tenders" (small boats) to disembark. Provisions cannot always accommodate wheelchair users; in most cases, wheelchair-bound passengers require crew assistance to board tenders—although, for example, Holland America uses a special elevator system to get passengers into the tenders without having to get out of their wheelchairs. Once on board the ship, travelers with disabilities will seek advice from travel staff before selecting wheelchair accessible shore excursions.

him Cruises

He cruises at have exploded i popularity i recently year, at give cruisers An possibility Unpleasant to dive go inside she favorite hobby of at se performances door she favorite artists mens bi zee. No material What you are go inside chances Is At there is IN the sailing At focuses op FROM interests.

carnival fired of concept Van of him cruise up IN right IN few year past when The introduced is carnival DIRECT sailing. Initial focused op musical artists like it Reis I Martina McBride, of line hair big is entertainment offer Unpleasant Involving comedians I actors like it Chris Tucker I Kathy Griffin.

sometimes, outside companies charter ud An hel ship to music related cruises. Norwegian Cruising Line hair entered into partnership met IN company called sixth man Unpleasant serve full ship music charter At function tire like it WHERE, took, I events like it of First Ubersoca cruise bi zee on boardNorwegian pearl.Of line maintains IN Homepage bi met on of details.

Mad I the theme comes cruises at have be popular i recently year, the. Of focus able to is op regional kitchens, local vineyards I breweries, of kitchen i general. A lot sailing function header what; Jacques Frog I is daughter of a toe been sailing op Oceania cruises, At home Unpleasant is eponym bistro restaurant. Op this here sailing of kok do to cook demos, sign signatures, I to design especially menus. Op cruises been door winemakers, the Is tit vol samples dining guests op offer.

Hobbyister I craftsmen Also at have she own sailing, met to knit, embroidery, I scrapbook sailing. Sport fans tit to sell ud she him sailing early, of of focus is op IN sport of An individually hold. Lines like it Cunard, Seabourn I The Silver Sea tit function gast loudspeakers I teachers At conversation over politics I intellectuals fag. usual, this here Is related Unpleasant of Travel guide At FROM ship is the sailing, Men rather tit teachers able to gave Other things fag, if Well. Expedition lines to take stuff An trin further, met exterior naturalists, botanists, I geologists (does not Unpleasant to call photographer, documentary filmmakers, I noticed authors) WHO personal add insight Unpleasant of adventurous destinations you shall visit.

The Is Also cruises At to nurse Unpleasant nudists, swingers, I homo I Lesbian traveler, Though this here have that Unpleasant is full ship charter, means there is does not a lot kans Van of by mistake twisted up op IN ship vol Van nudists if it is does not FROM ding.

IN big list Van him cruises is to maintain bi

Right now To consider yourself warned: A lot him cruises Is yearly sailing I So of be able to at have Unpleasant plan FROM public holidays time around she availability. Of well news: Routes I take off the date Is typical issued well i security deposit.

Tip:As able-bodied passengers have found that accessible cabins tend to be more spacious, recently it has become more difficult to get an accessible cabin (as able-bodied passengers have booked them under false pretenses). So book early to ensure you get what you need.

If you have a chronic health problem, we recommend that you consult your doctor before booking a cruise and, if you have specific requirements, inform the cruise line in advance. This ensures that the medical team on the ship is well prepared to provide assistance.


Can you get married on a cruise ship? You can: Most major cruise lines offer wedding packages that allow guests to get married on the day of embarkation or at a port of call.He will hold Association cruises, Celebrity cruises, Cunard line,IPrincess Cruiseseven have legally licensed captains who can perform this ceremony at sea if you wish.

Most cruise lines recommend that you start planning your wedding at sea at least 1 year in advance, although some let you do it all in 60 whirlwind days. While each line has its own twist on the wedding festivities, most packages offered by the cruise lines include the services of a wedding planner, flower bouquets and boutonnieres, decor for the chosen venue (usually each ship has one or more venues to choose from. ), along with officiants and wedding coordinators, sparkling wine and dinner at one of the ship's formal specialty restaurants.

Some lines, like Cunard, really go out of their way for the bride and groom, with emergency services, priority boarding and disembarkation, a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Champagne and a white-gloved porter to escort the bride to the wedding venue.

If you love Mickey Mouse, you can tie the knot aboard Disney Cruise Line's stylish ships or on the private island of Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. And because Disney owns the copyright, Disney's very own pianist can play a selection of your Disney favorites as you walk down the aisle if you'd like.

Are you having a big wedding party? See our group travel section above for information on discounts.


A cruise is an excellent choice for a honeymoon mainly because it is an easy trip to plan and couples are generally distracted with wedding planning right up until the big day itself. You want to make sure you request a cabin with a full, queen or king bed instead of twins.

Rooms with private verandas are particularly romantic; you can enjoy the sights in privacy and even enjoy a leisurely meal, provided the porch is large enough for a table and chairs and the weather doesn't get cold. If you want to dine alone, request a table for two in advance; the same applies to couples spa treatments, which can be filled up in advance.

Some ships, including Princess, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity and Holland America, offer special packages and sometimes honeymoon suites. Most lines offer special amenities, such as champagne and chocolates, if you let them know in advance that you are going on a honeymoon.

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