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Basketball is best learned early. And when you teach basketball to kids, it's not just about learning. It is also vital that they have fun while developing basketball skills at the same time. Truth be told, teaching 9-year-olds the basics of basketball presents a different challenge. This article will show you theThe best basketball drills for 9 year olds.teach the nuances of the game to the youngest.

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I. How do you coach a 9 year old in basketball?

II. What are good basketball drills for beginners?

III. How do 9 year olds play basketball?

IV. Effective basketball drills for 9 year olds

I SAW. Shooting exercises for 9 year olds

(Video) Best Basketball Drills for 6 Year Olds | Fun Beginner Basketball Drills by MOJO

IV.II. Overtaking exercises for 9 year olds

IV.III. Dribbling exercises for 9 year olds

IV.IV. Defense exercises for 9 year olds

IV.V. Mock offenses for 9 year olds

V. Useful videos of basketball drills for kids

SAW. Wrapping things up: Basketball drills for 9 year olds

Basketball drills for 9 year olds | tire addict (1)How to coach a 9 year old boy in basketball?

The best way to coach nine year olds is to take a trip down memory lane. What does this means? This means it takes more than just telling them about the X's and O's in the game. It would be best if you took a step back and asked yourself, "When I'm his age, would I want to learn basketball?"

Of course, some children already understand the concept of improvement and need to improve. But on the other hand, children will always be children. They probably don't like to hear screams and mostly want to run, pass and shoot. Practicing the basics is a must, but remember to always put the "fun" in the "fundamentals".

What fundamentals should you focus on? You should practice layups, basic footwork, shooting mechanics, dribbling and passing. Other things he can teach you are basic cuts, basic offensive philosophies, how to open and basic defensive principles.

Basketball drills for 9 year olds | tire addict (2)What are good basketball drills for beginners?

At this stage, the best way forward is to keep the exercises simple, with clear objectives and instructions. Remember, these drills are meant to be fun because they will (hopefully) instill a lifelong passion for basketball. If possible, include exercises that work on multiple skills simultaneously. Include a routine that collectively improves ball handling, finishing, and footwork.

For a starting team, sometimes you might want to do drills without defenders. This is a proven tactic for instilling shooting principles, footwork and other skills. As their skills progress, it would also be crucial for their development to include drills with defenders or alternate drills with or without them.

Basketball drills for 9 year olds | tire addict (3)

As a trainer, your job is to adapt the exercises to the type of equipment you have. So feel free to improvise whichever of the exercises works best for you. The hard part is finding the balance between motivation and feeling good. You don't want the exercises to be too hard that they lose interest or too easy that they don't get better.

A little bit of funbasketball drills for beginnersThey are the home run (ball handling and shots) and the all-star shooting (shots from different points, such as the 3-point shootout).

Basketball drills for 9 year olds | tire addict (4)How do 9 year olds play basketball?

If you're coaching kids who are about nine years old or younger, how do you want them to practice basketball? Again, "fun" in "fundamentals". When you play basketball at this age, make sure they have fun while learning the basics.

The good thing about basketball is that it already has the elements of a fun game for kids. For example, children love to run, jump and chase things, and these types of movements come in handy in basketball.

For example, children love to dribble things, but the challenge is to help them dribble or “dribble” a ball under controlled conditions. Then, once they can dribble the ball with one hand, they can run and move with it.

When practicing basketball, coaches should also consider incorporating drills that develop children's gross motor skills. In addition to running and jumping, gross motor skills include lateral movement, running backwards, getting up after falling, etc. Sometimes learning these moves is more important for younger players that age. These skills are needed in other sports as well, so they can easily be extended to other games outside of basketball.

Effective basketball drills for 9 year olds

Shooting exercises for 9 year olds

Hand shaped shooting exercise

Nine-year-olds aren't strong enough to shoot a basketball like older players would, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be familiar with proper shooting mechanics. The 1 hand form shooting drills are the best way to introduce this concept.

Basketball drills for 9 year olds | tire addict (5)

This shooting drill is as easy as it looks. Pick up the ball and place it in your throwing hand, right or left, making an L shape with it. Make an upward throwing motion as the ball rolls to your fingertips with your feet shoulder-width apart. This drill allows the player to have proper backspin on the ball.

game of stars

The All-Star Shootout is like the 3-point shootout during NBA All-Star Weekend, only with one difference. This exercise should consist of two teams, lined up on opposite baselines. Trainers place 6-8 cones in different places.

The purpose of the exercise is simple. Players move to a spot on the coach's signal and take a shot. If successful, the player takes the cone and returns it to their line. If you miss, the player recovers the ball and goes back to the line (without the cone, of course). The first team to collect all the cones wins.

Passing exercises for 9 year olds

couple ticket

As the name suggests, group the kids together and place them about eight feet apart. Have them pass the ball to each other, making sure they do it correctly. Teach them to walk towards their partner and pass the ball. The coach can choose what type of pass to make. You also have the option to further separate the partners.

no dribbling offense

(Video) One of Bob Hurley's All-Time Favorite Basketball Drills!

With this drill, the player improves his overall offensive IQ, including passing and cutting. To complete the setup, take nine team players, five on offense and four on defense.

The goal is simple. The attacker must make a basket without dribbling. Players other than the ball owner are free to cut in open spaces. Of course, it's the defense's job to stop a score. This teaches the offense to step away from the ball and make accurate passes.

Dribbling exercises for 9 year olds

Maravich dribbling drills

The beauty of dribbling drills is that players can do them at home. Maravich's dribbling is no different, and he's one of the bestbasketball workouts for beginners at home. This stationary dribbling drill is named after NBA legend Pete Maravich, a player known for his excellent ball handling.

To start, the player must hit the ball, finger tips, ball circles, ball spins, figure eights, front to back shots and other tricks. Of course, a beginner could understandably do the first few drills while the ball hits the ball circles. They can lift the bar and do other complex things as they become more familiar with handling the ball.

Drible Pickups

The dribbling collection drill is the forerunner of the cross. Take this exercise to the letter and you'll be well on your way to a close and petty relationship.cross dribble. And the best part is that it's really simple!

To start this drill, do a pound dribble with one hand, cross to your other hand and catch the ball. Repeat this process 10 times until you get used to it.

Defense exercises for 9 year olds

defensive slide drill

Defense in basketball is all about lateral movement, and this drill is the best way to target that point for youngsters. To teach the defensive glide, have the children assume a low and wide stance. This makes it much easier for them to move in any direction depending on where the attack is going. Another key is that the glide is done by actually "pushing" the leg so that it gets to the spot faster than the strike.

Three-touch defensive drill

This is a high-octane defensive exercise, especially if the kids take it seriously. The three-hit defensive drill instills energy, effort, and an overall defensive mechanism.

To start, plant five cones in different areas outside the three-point line. The player stays inside the lane, assuming adefensive positionand making the fire standing. When the trainer points to a point, the player runs to that point and then back to the center of the track. The trainer points to another point and the player runs off and returns to the track.

Offensive exercises for 9 year olds

Ball inversion exercise

The reversal of the ball is when the attacking team passes from one side of the court to the other. It is a key ingredient to a successful attack, and this exercise should teach children this concept.

In this exercise, players play four against four. The rule is that they must throw the ball to throw a pitch only after three pitches. This encourages the attacker to be the aggressor and look for easy opportunities.

advance without dribbling

The no-dribble drill is the simpler version of the "no-dribble full court". Instead of going full court, kids only need to advance the ball from one endline to the other in the half court.

In most of these drills, the offense gets the numerical advantage. For example, you could run this drill with four guys on offense and two guys on defense. The rule is that the player with the ball cannot dribble, but can pass and spin. The two defenders try to steal the pass. The other offensive players canset screens and move.

Whatever your point of emphasis, this drill teaches movement off the ball, decision making, opening and other offensive philosophies.

Basketball drills for 9 year olds | tire addict (6)Useful videos of basketball drills for kids

1. Team Basketball Drills

Team basketball is not only the right way to play basketball, it also speeds up learning the fundamentals. Once the kids have mastered the basics, they can go further and maybe even work on their own with some possessions.

This video features drills that instill team basketball concepts. Doing these drills will improve communication, passing, and overall basketball IQ.

2. Basketball dribbling drills

This video contains simple basketball dribbling drills for 9 year olds. Dribbling drills encourage young people to be proficient two-handed dribblers.

3. Develop general basketball skills

The best part of this video includes youth drills for ball handling, layups and combinations. When children are advancing in their skills, make sure you have some form of defense in these exercises to simulate real game situations.

Wrapping things up: Basketball drills for 9 year olds

Playing early basketball (or any other sport) helps a child's motor development. Teaches them fine motor skills like jumping, lateral movement, running, etc. If you are a coach or have a nine year old trying to learn basketball, it is imperative to expose them to fun basketball drills for 9 year olds. years old.

"Fun" should be an integral part of all this. Nine-year-olds gravitate towards basketball because they want to have fun. So doing basketball drills for 9 year olds you need to improve their skills while making them smile.

Also, whentrain nine year olds, the emphasis should be on the fundamentals. They are kicks, dribbles, passes, defenses and attacks. Of course, because you're trying to teach them the basics, you need to align your goal with your abilities. Start with the simplest exercises for beginners and progress as your skills increase.

When doing basketball drills for 9 year olds, don't be too harsh and don't make a fool of them. Yes, you have to point out mistakes, but do it positively. As a coach, you have a powerful influence on their lives, so make the most of it. Get up and do someone's heart good!

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