21 Life Goals You Should Set (And Actually Achieve!) (2023)

There is a lot of pressure these days to set goals and achieve them.

From big life goals to small daily goals.

This is especially true in the business world, where "hardshipand grind” lets us feel it's thereAlwayssomething we must doat the moment.

But here's a secret to setting life goals: You have to stay true to yourself and what you really want in life. Once you figure out what you want—and not what you think you should want—it all falls into place.

So how do you set good life goals and create a game plan to achieve them? What if you feel like you have no goals in life or don't know the right direction to get there?

That's exactly what we're going to talk about today.

In this article, we look at what life goals are and how to define them. We also give you a list of life goals to help you brainstorm, plan and achieve.

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What are Life Goals?

As the name suggests, life goals are goals that you set for your entire life. They are definitely long term - as they can take your whole life to achieve.

I won't sugarcoat it: setting life goals is a lot easier than the success part.

That's why it's so important to be driven by a sense ofdedicationand real lust. A strong sense of your life goals gives you the fuel to take those steps every day.

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How to define life goals

Finding purpose in life can seem like a daunting task. Some might even say overwhelming.

That's no shame. There are many people who feel the same way (sometimes me too!).

It all starts with a brainstorm. And a touch of dream and fantasy.

Here are some steps you can take to set the best life goals for yourself:

  1. Set up an idea dump sheet.Sit down with your computer or a pen and paper. Write down some categories that you can set life goals for, such as health, relationships, career, finances, hobbies, spirituality, and the like.
  2. Do an idea dump.Put 30 minutes on a timer and write down as many life goal ideas as you can think of in the categories you listed.what is your dream lifeNo idea is too big, too small or silly. Write them all down now and you can edit them later.
  3. Narrow down the best ideas.Wait a day or two and review your list of life goals. Which do you want the most? Which ones cheer you on when you think about them, even if they're hard to reach? These are your best bets.
  4. Create an action plan.Write a rough plan of the steps you need to take to achieve those life goals. How long will it reasonably take? What are the key milestones or small steps you need to take to reach the bigger goal? What do you need to do every week, every month, every year to stay on track?

Now let's look at some life goal ideas to provide some fuel for your brainstorming session.

21 goals you can set for yourself

1.Run a half marathon

I've met at least a few people who have this as their life goal. This is a great example of a life goal that takes a lot of dedication, especially if you're new to runners.

That's because a half marathon is about 13 miles long. That's a lot of miles. Training is something that has to happen constantly, every day or several times a week. Definitely not for the faint hearted. But the payoff is as great as the commitment.

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2.Follow a vegan diet

Going vegan has been gaining traction lately. And rightly so: the advantages are manifold, for example for health, animal welfare and the environment. But that's not one of those simple life goals... if you love eating animal products like meat, cheese, and eggs, going vegan can be incredibly difficult.

Many people fix this by taking it slow: cutting out some products first, then cutting out others as you acclimate. When you look at it that way, a vegan diet can seem a lot more viable.

3.open a business

Some people are lucky enough to have a business opportunity knocking on their door. Others have to work hard for it. But the good news is that starting a business is easier than ever. It's also one of the best life goals you can set for yourself!

If you dream of being your own boss, read our article aboutHow to start a businessor our ebook aboutThis is how you become an entrepreneur. Also browse our website. This is our bread and butter.

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4.Make a million dollars

That sounds like a big dream, but many entrepreneurs make it their financial goal. It is a particularly common life goal for people who own their own business, such as aLoja Dropshipping, consulting agency or freelance company.

(Video) The Science of Setting & Achieving Goals | Huberman Lab Podcast #55

When you set the rules for how your business works, you can set the rules for how money is made (and how much is made!).

5.Earn a stable passive income

Do you dream of making money while you sleep? Or watch your bank account grow while enjoying a mojito on a Caribbean beach?passive income(also called residual income) is what you are looking for.

The best way to achieve this is to build an online business that doesn't rely on you working 24/7. saleonline coursesand other digital content can be a great way to achieve that life goal.

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6.Find (and marry) your "soulmate"

This is one of the most common goals in life. We all want a textbook romance, don't we? While this isn't necessarily the kind of goal that requires a rigid plan, it's something to work on.

After all, relationships require commitment and understanding. You have to make compromises and grow together as a team. This is one of those life goals that takes more work than it looks.

7.Have your dream home

Your home isn't just four walls and a roof. Owning the perfect property is one of the best life goals you can have because it means you will have your own slice of heaven. Nothing is more reassuring than having the perfect place where you feel comfortable and safe.

Saving up for your dream home takes time—but it's one of life's greatest goals. Not only do you get a spot to call your own, but you step onto the property ladder!

8.Have the car of your dreams

Just like a house, your car is one of your most valuable assets. Of course, it's there for your groceries and takes you to work every day. However, a car is also freedom - a chance to hit the open road and discover amazing places.

Find out what your dream car looks like and invest a little money in new wheels every day.

9. Make a positive impact on the world

The world is a different place because you are a part of it. could have7.8 billionPeople on this planet, but have you ever felt the glow of giving to charity or appreciated the smile on someone's face after a random act of kindness, you know that everyone counts.

Do your part to positively impact the world in your own way. You can start a small nonprofit, plant some trees, or just try to make someone smile every day.

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9.overcome your fears

It's difficult - but worth the effort. Your ultimate goal in life should belife without fear. Accept the world as it is and be ready to deal with any eventuality. It starts with overcoming your fears, one at a time.

Find out what fears are holding you back and start working on them. A little CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) andMeditationcan help to boost your self-confidence.

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11. Master a second language

Learning a second language is one of the most common goals in life. It gives you a valuable new skill to share with those around you. Also, having another language you can speak gives you more job and travel opportunities.

Choose the language you want to speak based on the opportunities it offers. If you've always wanted to visit China, Chinese might be the language for you.

12. Organize your home

A crowded house creates a crowded mind. It's easy to get overwhelmed by clutter these days. We put things in closets and boxes to keep our homes clean - but the chaos is still there, waiting to spread.

Learn to let go of the things you no longer want or need in your life. If you haven't used something in the last three months and it doesn't make you happy, donate it or throw it away.

13. Rekindling an old relationship

It is better to leave some relationships in the past. You know which people have negatively influenced your life. However, some can offer a number of surprising benefits.

Examine your past relationships and ask yourself who you have lost touch with for no real reason. Reach out to us via message or phone call and consider whether rekindling this relationship is important to you.

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14. Sleep better

Sleep has a huge impact on how you think and feel. When it comes to short-term life goals, improving your sleep is one of the most valuable things you can do.

Start improving your sleep hygiene. Make a schedule to stick to, starting with an opportunity to relax, like a hot bath or a cup of tea.

Remember that for a good night's sleep, your bedroom should be cool, dark and quiet. Keep all electronic devices outside if you can.

15. Plan your child's future

Your child is a continuation of you. While you cannot control what kind of person they become, one of life's most positive goals is to help them reach their potential. Plan your child's future by saving money for their future education and helping them discover their talents.

Setting life goals doesn't have to be just about doing things that benefit you. Your life goals may also focus on your child's happiness.

16. Mentoring someone

We all have unique skills and talents that we can share with the world. If you know how to do something well, be itcontrol stress, orearn money online, then you can share this knowledge with others.

Mentoring is a great way to pass your ideas down through the generations. Additionally, if you are mentoring someone, you will find opportunities to learn for yourself. No matter where you are in life, you can usually find someone who looks up to you.

17. Become more aware

Good life goals focus on helping you make the most of your time on this earth. Living a fulfilling life means learning to live in the present.

It's easy to overanalyze our mistakes and focus solely on the past. However, if you focus too often on what you regret, you forget to live in the present. Likewise, looking to the future means you see no value in what you have now.

(Video) A simple way to break a bad habit | Judson Brewer

Learn to be aware of your existing life. Here are someMind training tacticsto help your brain focus intensely.

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18. Do different things

One of the best goals to set in life is to expose yourself to as many different experiences as possible. As easy as it is to get used to your comfort zone, you should always look for opportunities to expand and explore new experiences.

Doing something new is a chance to discover skills and talents you didn't know you had. It's also a way of building relationships with new people to meet and get to knowdiscover hobbiesthat make you happier.

19. Take more risks

Risk is something we often work hard to avoid, but sometimes it is necessary. One of your life goals should be to look for ways to take more calculated risks in your life.

Think of something that could have a major impact on your life, but right now you're too nervous to try. Could the benefit outweigh the risk? If so, then it's time to bite the bullet and jump in.

20.let the past rest

Finding goals in life can be easier than you think. Sometimes the best way to improve your future is to learn to let go of the past. While you can learn from the negative experiences you've had over the years, stop letting them hold you back.

Depending on your background, you may need help to achieve this goal. However, therapy and guidance are there to give you the direction you need.

21.Learn more

Learning doesn't have to stop because you've graduated. A commitment to long-term learning is one of the most effective and simple life goals for anyone interested in living a fulfilling life.

try to takea new coursefrom time to time online or at a local school near you. Look for opportunities to learn from others or find a mentor who can help you improve specific skills.

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Let us do this!

Setting life goals is a great way to ensure you are making the most of your fleeting time on this wonderful planet.

Life moves fast and it's easy to waste time when you don't have a direction to go. Short and long term life goals will act as the necessary compass to guide you to happiness, enlightenment and fulfillment in all. They do.

What goals will you set? Let us know in the comments below.

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